Real Anaconda Attack On Pig - Anaconda Vs Pig  - Rescue Pig from Anaconda

Real Anaconda Attack On Pig - Anaconda Vs Pig - Rescue Pig from Anaconda



  • Борис ГСВГ 35094

    Борис ГСВГ 35094


    два часа не могли освободить кабана...Мучился кабан бедолага...Так ещё и отпустили эту змеюку..Убить её надо было..Всех змей надо убивать...Твари..одно отвращение..Заразы

  • Pigs and Pipes

    Pigs and Pipes

     7 days ago

    Get the snake off the pig

  • Jimyr Ayson

    Jimyr Ayson

     7 days ago

    They use Animals for Views Thats So Sad

  • krooft17josi aguilar

    krooft17josi aguilar

     13 days ago




     18 days ago

    They need to get their throats slit, even the kid. Inbred pussies.

  • natasha aquino

    natasha aquino

     20 days ago +1

    Good Game,Well Played spirit SPIRIT BREAKER VS VENOMANCER LOL XD

  • jesse Talbott

    jesse Talbott

     21 days ago

    Diablo! 👿

  • Beelzebub  Oppai

    Beelzebub Oppai

     21 days ago

    ang baboy naka igit

  • Mmm Cake

    Mmm Cake

     22 days ago

    Poor pig 🐖 yas the pig is alive

  • Keith Bardwell

    Keith Bardwell

     27 days ago

    It was squeezing the shit outta that pig.....LITERALLY 💩🤢🤭

  • Terrence Padrilan

    Terrence Padrilan

     28 days ago

    Hero 😊

  • Alex Marr

    Alex Marr

     a months ago

    Thats a reticulated python not an anaconda!

  • Sam Dilworth

    Sam Dilworth

     1 months ago

    Could that snake have eaten that pig?

  • Rick Lubbers

    Rick Lubbers

     1 months ago

    Cant the west just get rid of these "human" degenarates? No clothes and shoes but they have smartphones. They cost more than they earn. Kill em.

  • Oso K

    Oso K

     1 months ago

    Nice pig torture instead of chopping snake off

  • Sasa Dog mal

    Sasa Dog mal

     1 months ago +1

    Aff ate eu so mais homem q eles e pegava logo pela cabeça ou enfiava o pau na boca dela

  • Xpzilla


     1 months ago

    That poor pig‘s screams tho gahhh

  • วนัชพร ชัยภูธร

    วนัชพร ชัยภูธร

     1 months ago

    I not like

  • JesusLemus


     1 months ago

    Python. Not anaconda...

  • johai9


     1 months ago

    Youtube is to busy demonetizing Pewdiepie, so they wont remove channels like this