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The Harshest Burns from the Roast of Justin Bieber

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Relive all the shocking and brutal jokes from the roast of Justin Bieber, as Roastmaster General Jeff Ross says, the “King Joffrey of pop.”

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  • Comedy Central

    Comedy Central

     14 days ago +739

    The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres September 15 on Comedy Central. See who will be roasting Alec here:

  • WolfyLix


     13 minutes ago

    Keving hart is just fucking dying on the corner there, that man is having a grand ol time

  • Rollin Sixties

    Rollin Sixties

     56 minutes ago +1

    What’s sad is when Martha was talking about the biggest baddest women in prison. You pictured a big black women. Think about that. They don’t call us slaves anymore, they call us criminals/inmates

  • Kanal4arab كانال فور عرب

    Kanal4arab كانال فور عرب

     an hour ago

    2:30 drop the mic and go home its done

  • Ritchie Navarro

    Ritchie Navarro

     2 hours ago

    Justin Bieber is a dick

  • shiva thapa

    shiva thapa

     2 hours ago


  • Mikey Mouse!

    Mikey Mouse!

     2 hours ago

    Pete Davidson is the only person to ever fail a dna test

  • Rakesh Kumar Singh

    Rakesh Kumar Singh

     2 hours ago

    No hold barred comedy Central.

  • Soaribb


     3 hours ago +1

    Justin be ghostwritting even for roasting

  • Ben Davies

    Ben Davies

     4 hours ago

    This just proves Americans can't do comedy, fucking awful cunts

  • Roman’s Vids

    Roman’s Vids

     5 hours ago

    Why the fuck do I keep rewatching this.

  • flame gaming

    flame gaming

     5 hours ago

    I wish I understood all of the insults!

  • KiNG CoBrA

    KiNG CoBrA

     6 hours ago

    and then america teaching us respect. What the hell is that

  • Joseph Leonard

    Joseph Leonard

     6 hours ago

    one of the few times i actually liked beiber lol

  • Joe Towers

    Joe Towers

     7 hours ago

    Of all the people in that dais... Martha Stewart has the most street cred.

  • Alexa Bessee

    Alexa Bessee

     7 hours ago

    Cool ass salamander is my title now

  • mrcrazy 2000

    mrcrazy 2000

     7 hours ago

    so it's ok if celeberties make 9/11 jokes but youtube content creators can't and get demonitized... youtube logic everybody

  • We are Monsters

    We are Monsters

     8 hours ago

    Why didnt fkn kevin talk😭

  • Ina Martinez

    Ina Martinez

     8 hours ago

    Justin nailed it

  • karlajamel


     8 hours ago

    I love how Snoop Dog is casually hitting a blunt like it’s nothing 😂