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A Gamer’s Secret Life and Tragic Death

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
  • To his mother, David Hance was a shy, nerdy Puerto Rican kid from the Bronx who had an unhealthy obsession with video games. To everyone else, he was Allied—a world-class esports champion, whose boisterous live-streams garnered thousands of views. For years, Hance navigated these disparate identities with ease. But then, at age 24, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Read more: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/ind...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/LThXCI3ntvI


  • The Atlantic

     1 months ago

    Online gaming is more than just a hobby. For some, it's a social scene, an elite sport, a high-paying job, and an obsession. Watch more videos on the world of gaming here: https://www.viveos.net/video/QUcr5nZcQLU/video.html

  • Dark Horse

     8 days ago

    This is what America has done to it's men. These games have turned men in to beta males literally sissies, zombies.


     9 days ago

    Crip notice your comment has no likes your dumb af

  • conti nue

     a months ago

    he wasn't an introvert. he just needed to find people who would accept him

  • SuperLimaful

     3 days ago

    @Karen Califano I agree with you she comes off as selfish in the video. I just don't think she was selfish in real life. Knowing David, she was the first person he called when he found out he had cancer. Watching the video you can tell they had a fine relationship.

  • Karen Califano

     8 days ago

    @SuperLimaful Well, I know not everyone is like myself and my children, however, this mother comes off as a selfish woman who never tried to understand or cared to know what her son was doing and what his passions were. Now, she lost him to cancer and she will have to deal with that guilt for the rest of her life. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. It's too late now lady.

  • Tru

     21 days ago

    Allied: i have cancermom: its those damn screens again

  • Troy Schick

     10 days ago

    @bad mother fucka Youre missing the point my friend. People don't just get cancer for no reason, its diet and lifestyle related. Thats settled science. People can have genetic predispostions, but that doesn't mean you have to get cancer. Now if you have a predisposition AND eat a shit diet, you end up with cancer at 20 something. Look at cancer rates in rural China vs US today... don;'t even have to go back 150 yrs

  • Troy Schick

     10 days ago

    @Vyse Arcadia Think of it this way. Why is it that people in rural China, still eating rice and vegetables, working outdoors, living relatively healthy lifestyles similar to what you would see 150 years ago, simply don't get cancer, while in rich countries cancer rates have skyrocketed? Can you really say with confidence that diet and lifestyle have nothing to do with cancer. I have done considerably more research than you, that I can guarantee, just by seeing your answer.

  • Flich

     17 days ago

    Not gonna lie if this were my mum she would say the gaming gave me cancer

  • williejames huff

     8 days ago

    DeOpresso Liber No he saidHe smoked for years and it was in his throat and than spread throughout his body so yes cigarettes DONT SMOKE

  • DeOpresso Liber

     8 days ago

    @williejames huff at his age i'm not sure the cancer was from the ciggs. But maybe his immune system was weakened from his poor health that could of accelerated the cancer cells your body produces especially from the areas affected by the cigg smoke.

  • Connor Wilson

     17 days ago

    I feel sorry for the mother. Even after his death, she still cannot accept her son for who he was. Pitiful.

  • Virro

     12 days ago

    You should feel bad for the son for having a mother like that the community raised 150k and she got upset? Like come on now and she still doesn’t accept the way he was

  • Team Flucid

     12 days ago


  • Doug Stanley Jr

     19 days ago

    Didn't let ur son see one of his best friend's before he passed Away? That mother is sick and shows she never once understood her son and she's gonna regret her choices for along time. "oh ur one of the people that raise 150k for his treatments, ur a troll it's my son"

  • James stock

     9 days ago

    shes an imbecile

  • Mr Grass69

     9 days ago

    Ikr disgusting

  • Reezy

     23 days ago

    "he was good at everything he played" "allied youre actual garbage" thats real friendship

  • Apoo Apoo

     12 days ago

    Not cool man

  • Clorox Bleach

     13 days ago

    Абдуллоعبدالله i mean in australia its normal to call people that. U call ur best mate a c*nt, ur siblings a c*nt, old mate down the road a c*nt so pre much u call everybody one.

  • The Stormchaser

     22 days ago

    What a disgusting egocentric motherYou can feel as much sympathy as you want for her when she cries, but he was only accepted by her whenever he operated within her ego's agenda

  • Moni Ka

     9 days ago

    @Norze KenWays She loved the person she perceived her son to be, but clearly didn't even know her son.

  • Norze KenWays

     10 days ago

    What do you think Allied would have thought reading this comment? Don't talk about his mother like this she probably loved him very much and vice versa

  • Drew Taylor

     15 days ago

    Sad how the Mother couldn't admit where she went wrong.I pray I never fail my kids like this.

  • ThisIsPhami

     10 days ago

    Drew Taylor you won’t bro 💯

  • Karen Califano

     12 days ago

    You hit the nail on the head!! One of her issues is that she never even seemed to make the effort to get to know what her son was into. So instead of admitting that now, she just seems to be ok with the fact that she was so disconnected from him when he was alive. She automatically shunned it and thought it was senseless, stupid, crazy, etc. She is too narrow minded and selfish and now she will have to live with that guilt of never bothering to get to know her son when he was alive. Sad but true. ...

  • Jayden.m

     20 days ago

    The mum never understood her kid sad Tip for the mum times are changing


     14 days ago

    Jayden.m was gonna like your comment but it’s at 69.....