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3 Day Solo Winter Snow Camp - Bushcraft, Canvas Tent, Woodstove, Bowdrill

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 9, 2018
  • On this adventure I head out for a solo winter camping trip in the snow. I setup the small canvas tent and woodstove, make a bushcraft fire reflector and make this camp my home for 3 days. On the second day a snow storm arrived from the east, bringing with it ice rain and blizzard like conditions. I cook up food on the woodstove and campfire to keep me warm. I also attempt a primitive bowdrill in a snowstorm. Thanks for joining me on the adventure - Mike

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    nice, good job

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    I dont have experience with this kind of camping, but still want to tell you two things. First, for starting a fire a way you show in this video, try add some small thin like paper pieces of dry wood in hole. Second thing, try to acquire folding shovel multitool which is good for digging and starting fire because in handle there is sparkle igniter.

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    Very interesting video
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    New sub just saying thx for the content. I think I’d get a pot with side handles. It’s seems a bit awkward trying to poor water from and that’s pretty much all you used it for. The bow drive is a difficult thing to make work. Especially when you are working with only materials at hand. The celebrity guys you talked about have the perfect materials with them and rarely do most of the work.

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    Indonesia 🇲🇨

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    You are an amazing young man.

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    У меня в квартире двое суток никакой воды нету, вот выживание👍.

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    cool , i like this , thanks for the video

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    I really like your clip. both nature and your people .. are you from germany?



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    Elinde testere ormana gitmiş Akıl fikir versin.

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    I enjoyed the video. You make it look so fun! I am in North West Florida, USA.