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Trump Feuds with France at the NATO Summit | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 3, 2019
  • Tensions flare between Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron at the NATO summit in London. #TheDailyShow

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  • Ashton Uyi

    Ashton Uyi

     2 days ago

    Americans do know that when trump says tariffs the Americans are going to pay for it ... Haha

  • Anth Graves

    Anth Graves

     3 days ago

    this dude is a walking meme

  • Messages to Mother Africa

    Messages to Mother Africa

     3 days ago

    FRANCE...stop stealing from AFRICA!!!!

  • Bernando Silva Jr.

    Bernando Silva Jr.

     7 days ago

    Donald Trump: "If anybody is going to fuck my daughter, it's gonna be me"

  • Ucan Tavuk

    Ucan Tavuk

     14 days ago

    European allies AND Turkey.Don't act like we are not in NATO -_-

  • Negar Yousefdehi

    Negar Yousefdehi

     14 days ago +1

    “That went down like a lead balloon.”

  • Who Isreal

    Who Isreal

     14 days ago

    I feel like Trevor missed the Giuliani gold mine. He didn't go in on him ENOUGH. I said enough I see he did a little but Giuliani is way more laughs than Trump😂

  • David Fleming

    David Fleming

     14 days ago

    He still believes he own the entire world MY ASS

  • N I Q O L E

    N I Q O L E

     21 days ago

    3:00 he almost stopped himself but the train was already on the track, on a downward slope

  • krepnata kadara

    krepnata kadara

     21 days ago

    Trade tariff to France?
    China - nigga ain't learning of his mistake
    India - too bad he didn't taxed us, can't do revenge
    Mexico - me too, I'll send my people then

  • Albert Becerra

    Albert Becerra

     21 days ago

    Oh boy, I think you're going to hate Steven crowder dispute to your video.

  • 99 x

    99 x

     21 days ago

    Also gehen wir nach amerikanischer Logik und unsere Autobauer müssen in den USA auch keine Steuern zahlen es sind ja deutsche Firmen und dann bekommen wir die Steuern. Ist dieser Herr überhaupt in Besitz ei es Hirns?

  • Obsidianflame


     28 days ago +2

    "I want to tax those big companies!" Does not try to fix the loopholes in taxlaws....

  • By Madiba

    By Madiba

     1 months ago

    Macron trying to deflect. Yes! They are European mercenaries causing instability in the middle east- like they do in Africa, Latin America, etc. It is their modus operandi

  • Kris Mitchell

    Kris Mitchell

     1 months ago

    He's so stupid. Like George W. Bush 2.0.

  • Kris Mitchell

    Kris Mitchell

     1 months ago

    At 1:46 it's Machiavelli's rule of projecting (I think that's the word!) onto your enemies your greatest weakness, (so everyone thinks they're weak and you're strong quite possibly.)

  • Download Trump

    Download Trump

     1 months ago

    I am free, download now

  • Ibrahim


     1 months ago

    Trop drôle

  • julie johnson

    julie johnson

     1 months ago

    Correct! 😂😂

  • Turtle GettingBy

    Turtle GettingBy

     1 months ago +2

    I love how trump starts criticizing macron for exactly the things trump has also done