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Galaxy NOTE 10 Plus Gaming //Awesome New Features!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 7, 2019
  • The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a true mobile Gaming device that gives you a ton of gaming performance & new features no other smartphone provides. So let's take it for a spin. If you want to see more videos on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus like an unboxing, comparison or camera test. Leave a comment below.

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     3 months ago +3

    Here is my gaming review with COD Mobile

  • Mai Va Lee

    Mai Va Lee


    so bascially 10 plus become Xbox one X console gaming but on the go!?

  • Jet Tandan Philippines

    Jet Tandan Philippines

     3 days ago

    3:32 music name

  • Amir khan

    Amir khan

     5 days ago

    One phone mujhy do

  • varalakshmi balaji

    varalakshmi balaji

     a months ago

    Can that playlink be used to stream from mobile to pc???
    Let me know ..✌✌

  • Nightraid yourface

    Nightraid yourface

     a months ago

    Hey bro could you recommend a telescoping gamepad that fits note plus

  • George Rino

    George Rino

     a months ago

    What type of laptop is that?

  • Corey Burns

    Corey Burns

     a months ago

    I play cod mobile on this beast and it's great performance is off the charts

  • awang a.k.a sham

    awang a.k.a sham

     a months ago

    Now i know. Bot doesn’t exist 😅

  • epic peppy

    epic peppy

     a months ago

    I'm just curious how well this runs morrowind with a bunch of mods

  • Gurjtaj Singh

    Gurjtaj Singh

     a months ago

    Which processor

  • Nathen Skinner

    Nathen Skinner

     2 months ago

    Great video man. How do movies look on the phone?

  • Akash Biswakarma

    Akash Biswakarma

     2 months ago

    I can relate with him when i try to play pubg for the first time i lost half n hour in the sea swimming in...😂😂😂

  • Azeem Qamar

    Azeem Qamar

     2 months ago

    I love my note10+ great phone even no headphone jack happy to use gaming awesome resolutions HD

  • Abhinav Singh

    Abhinav Singh

     2 months ago

    He Is Noob because he have other works to do and Is well Emplohed Unlike Me An Expert!LOL

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez

     2 months ago

    I got mine at best buy and they didnt have the aura blue😔 but oh well🤷‍♂️

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez

     2 months ago

    Does this work for pc only or can I connect to my ps4 and play on my phone too?



     2 months ago

    fuck you nigga face

  • Ace Clark

    Ace Clark

     2 months ago

    You should've discussed more about how can you maximize the screen including the hole-punch.

  • Dragonide Z

    Dragonide Z

     2 months ago

    Nice Video Man Great Job.Btw Can U do A DamonPS2 emulator Gameplay next?That would be awesome