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Induction Energy Experiments

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 26, 2018
  • Want to know how an induction cooker works? I should design my own induction heater later though, this one I bought is too safe…GIVEAWAY draw is done and closed. Please see the comments for resultsIt would be pretty awesome if you support ElectroBOOM at Patreon: my tee-shirts at: other articles at: http://www.electroboom.comFollow me on Facebook: to for the scopes, and make sure to register for their huge March Keysight Wave 2018 giveaways: http://www.wavekeysight.comThanks to for proving my essential lab toolsMy sponsors and patrons, are my Super Patrons with support to the extreme!Aki K. at Breda LeeOther videos used:9V Battery Charger: Energy from Induction Cooker: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  • ElectroBOOM

     1 years ago

    HEY HEY! the giveaway times is up! The winners are:- Anil M3- [apparently a lot of people registered electroboom emails to enter the draw!]And to submit your ideas and stuff: thank you!

  • Christopher Peoples

     2 months ago

    The FBI and Russia is watching.

  • Stanley Scalf

     2 months ago

    1:45 Damn. That's some magnificent knuckle hair. Truly sir this is where you store the energy absorbed through the universe. lols : )

  • superj1e2z6

     1 years ago

    Everything is free energy when you still live at your parent's house.

  • MelonPlayzYT

     6 months ago

    Everything is free when you live in Russia

  • quadrplax

     7 months ago

    Unless your rent likely doesn't include somehow measuring the amount of electricity you're using

  • 9v Battery

     1 years ago

    6:50 excuse me?!?

  • Patrick Star

     13 days ago

    N/A calm down it’s just a battery

  • N/A

     17 days ago

    fuck you 9v batteryyou can barely stay alive through a 2 hour shred sessionyou fucked my pedals up...luckily I replaced you with a dc power supply

  • YTx

     7 months ago

    7:11 i'm pretty much immune at this point to jumpscares, but this one send me flying off the chair

  • Jonathan Murff

     11 days ago

    Sammy Chwalisz liar lol

  • zavalondc

     14 days ago

    Oh man you are g**damn right! 😂😂

  • GamePreorders

     1 years ago

    "Design my own with no safety features" 😂

  • MJafar Mashhadi

     25 days ago


  • hycron1234

     2 months ago

    natural selection, "it's a feature, not a bug".

  • Sam Technology Professionals

     1 years ago

    Did that guy plug it to the neighbor's outlet.. Lol..This guy is very entertaining. (Y)

  • wiffleduster

     2 months ago

    Very entertaining and educational very hard to do

  • M Tarık

     1 years ago

    Did he say free energy? Did he plug his cooker into his neighbour's outlet? Lmao

  • Necromos Spiritus

     19 days ago

    he calls a 9v a piece of shit but he keeps using it. hes pretty limited. wait... lets ask him to make his own battery... im actually hopefully he will. #electroboom make yer own 9v...... now i feel like hes sucking his own dick.


     1 years ago

    Sir if you were operating my electrical chair I would be honoured to be killed

  • Ethan Comire

     1 months ago

    But you won't be killed

  • mukhammad abdi

     3 months ago

    He'll shock himself I believe 😂😂😂

  • Leon Tam

     1 years ago

    did he plug his cooker into his neighbour's outlet!?XDDDDD

  • Perfect Dark

     1 years ago

    Man!!! I ran into your channel by accident and I have to say... It is VERY awesome. You crack me up man! The free energy B.S. videos you made a while back killed me! Excellent videos... Very very funny! Keep it up man... Please! Exceptional work!