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Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 2, 2018
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    Activate Windows. A surprisingly frequent appearance on Linus Tech Tips. But why would we pirate Windows? Will Microsoft sue us?

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  • Eduard C****

    Eduard C****

     5 minutes ago

    Laughs with kmspico...

  • Rayan Ayi

    Rayan Ayi

     2 hours ago


  • William Williams

    William Williams

     17 hours ago

    I bought a copy of windows 8 and was automatically updated to 10 my Microsoft then when I upgraded by system hardware got the activation message. After a while you barley notice it...

  • Copyright


     18 hours ago

    Imagine if everyone paid for:
    Youtube Pro

  • Bob


     20 hours ago

    You can buy a license on Ebay for 4 euros. wtf

  • Mattis N

    Mattis N

     23 hours ago

    I never had any problems with Windows activation when swapping parts of my pc, even if I changed the whole plattform

  • Mattis N

    Mattis N

     23 hours ago

    Haha I was searching for laptops on ebay and some of the pictures were showing the windows (7 pro) license, so I got a free one xD it would be even more funny if it works :P

  • TuftyMunk 75

    TuftyMunk 75


    linus use linux

  • Andrew Olson

    Andrew Olson


    Blah. This makes another of your recent videos more relevant: the one on Linux gaming. I can understand your wrestling with Windows for the sake of benchmarks because those are the meaningful numbers for end-users. But wouldn't it be nice if you could benchmark on Linux and dodge this whole mess? Yes. And that's where if gaming were a more mainstream thing on Linux, that would be a useful scenario. I'm so burnt out on Microsoft's "bullshift".

  • Andy Cusick

    Andy Cusick


    My HD once fried the free version of Windows 10 which I had been made to install then wouldn't reinstall with my Windows 8 key. So had to buy a new HD and a new Windows key. All was fine for a couple of weeks then "Hey there's the watermark" it's a real shame windows has no real competition

  • Doc Comeau

    Doc Comeau


    That prompt doesn't work

  • Aayush Shukla

    Aayush Shukla


    linus is pirate

  • Ashy Slashy

    Ashy Slashy


    or you can use linux.....just saying

  • Henry Mateja

    Henry Mateja


    Ok i thought this said Why linux pirates windows, and I knew your channel and thought oh yeah its probably true, I used that as an argument for why i should build a computer running windows to my dad and i was missinformed

  • Chris Katko

    Chris Katko

     yesterday +3

    "Why does linus pirate windows" the real question is, why AREN'T you?

  • Bieffe



    Linus plays badminton?

  • Nier


     2 days ago

    i've changed every component in my PC since I bought my prebuilt HP that it isn't even the same computer, there are literally no parts that are the same as the original prebuilt I bought. But my windows 10 key still works

  • Christian Harten

    Christian Harten

     2 days ago

    3:15 Murphy´s law

  • TopTgaming


     2 days ago +1

    I read the title as ‘why does Linux pirate windows’.

  • Vick xkey

    Vick xkey

     2 days ago

    Got that man on his nerves. XD even veins too.