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Panda breeder’s poo-cleaning work.

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 17, 2016
  • 20160514 Pandapia Broadcast Top Highlights 直播精彩集錦
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  • soul music

    soul music

     7 days ago

    These balls of cuteness.. soooo fluffy n furry.. please hug me once my 🐼 panda babies

  • E Ng

    E Ng

     14 days ago

    Nanny , I eat a lot , poo a lot.

  • Andy281338


     14 days ago


  • 丁一


     a months ago


  • Noro Shut

    Noro Shut

     a months ago

    Those over hundred dislikes think nanny Mei is wicked and doing animal abuse when she grabs them by their fur down in order to clean. Let me tell you dislikers that pandas do not feel a thing when grabbed by their furs or ears since it's very thick. Besides, she is working on a schedule. There's time for everything; a time to play and a time to work.

  • Ines Barros

    Ines Barros

     a months ago

    Hey, Nanny, we want to help, too...

  • Loretta Tsui

    Loretta Tsui

     a months ago


  • K B

    K B

     a months ago

    That accidental commando roll though

  • hathaitip C

    hathaitip C

     a months ago

    So funny cute pandas.
    I 💗 them so much.

  • Abhee


     2 months ago

    Each of these cute looking black n white balls SHIT AROUND 40 TIMES A DAY. This nanny has no way ; an easy job.

  • Eugenia Lima

    Eugenia Lima

     2 months ago


  • Mariella Delores

    Mariella Delores

     2 months ago

    Nanny cannot even have a 'Poo' break! 😅

  • Sandra Aguirre

    Sandra Aguirre

     2 months ago

    She is kinda mean.

  • Mariarosa Rodriguez

    Mariarosa Rodriguez

     2 months ago

    Qué kiut 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  • Kenny Khoo

    Kenny Khoo

     2 months ago

    Where is this zoo located?

  • 李雪琴


     3 months ago


  • Sander Brilman

    Sander Brilman

     3 months ago

    5:09 poor panda

  • Michelle Galvez

    Michelle Galvez

     3 months ago +1

    They want to play with nanny mei.. But unfortunately.. She have work to do.. Hahahah

    Anyways... Is nanny mei still working with the Panda's???

  • Michelle Galvez

    Michelle Galvez

     3 months ago

    Panda cubs loves nanny mei. Hahaha

  • Ewa Sadorska

    Ewa Sadorska

     3 months ago

    Piękne cudowne😀😀😀