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Shadow City: Homelessness in New York | Fault Lines

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 1, 2015
  • Fault Lines examines New York's homelessness crisis and looks at the forces displacing many from their homes.

    One in 30 American children is homeless, according to a recent report published by the National Center on Family Homelessness - marking an all-time high for the United States.

    About 8.4 million people call the city of New York home, but more people in New York City are homeless today than at any point since the 1930s.

    In just one decade the number of people living in New York's homeless shelters has nearly doubled, reaching 60,000 per night in 2014.

    It is a homelessness crisis - unprecedented in any other American city.

    Why are so many in News York homeless? And why has the city failed to address its homelessness crisis?

    Fault Lines looks at the forces that are displacing thousands from their homes and investigates what life is like for homeless people in New York City.

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  • Grant Odegard

    Grant Odegard

     14 hours ago

    If Bloomberg is such a great guy, was such a great mayor and such a miracle worker, why did he allow this travesty to continue?

  • DrainD


     21 hours ago

    hey,if you could keep those money from the gov for 4 months,you could literaly buy a house in my country:)).weird world we're living in

  • LadyBug K

    LadyBug K


    Living up North is expensive living down south isn't I rather stay down south

  • Mary Slocum

    Mary Slocum


    Sad this was 5 years ago ..where is all that money

  • youcanttunafish



    Right now, in NYC, with DeBlasio as mayor, homelessness is so rampant, you see them and you just don't care anymore. Every single day, you're asked for money, cigarettes, food, etc. It's just exhausting. They're on the train, on the sidewalk, they're opening the door for you outside shops or at banks hoping that you'll give them some money for it. They are everywhere. You just get immune to them. If you were to give change to everyone who asked for it, you'd be broke. Survival of the fittest, I suppose--you can't keep giving your money away! Many are crazy, many are alcoholics or drug addicted, many are violent. It's very sad but I'm just sick to death of them.




    The root of all these problems in america is sin. America has gone too far. Many are in fact worshipping the devil now, and money. God is being set aside. Well off people wont care with their neighbors. Moral values are being rejected. Nightmares replaces the american dream. . . now is the time to repent and turn back to God who made america once great to live. . . emulate the lives of godly men & women who founded america. Modern america already forget their past /history. Its time to go back read the Bible & practise it. . .

  • ErnestJ



    If you owner of property you have to pay massive property tax in US also you have to pay other payments. All prices rised and if property owner not pay to gov their gona loose that. Peoples dont understand this is not free and someone have to pay even if they own it. Plus electricity, heating in New York aint cheap. You should come to europe and see our prices its even bigger here and salaries half smaller. Here goverments not paying you like in US or paying super low ammount who not enough even for food. Its global economy crisis who not covered by mass media. Living costs getting more expensive each year not even in United States but in Europe too. We live by monetary system rules. There cant be free housing because someone have to pay. Peoples not understand that. In europe if we cant afford big nice flats we buying small land and buildind tiny house based mostly on solar power !!!

  • Heide Hilbert

    Heide Hilbert

     2 days ago

    And still so many Americans don't want Pr. Trump to put up the Wall.

  • Alma Rodriguez

    Alma Rodriguez

     2 days ago

    A high school student has two choices, or she goes to college and gets in debt, or she fails all classes, goes to a shelter, gets welfare, and gets assigned to a low-cost apartment that she can pay. While the student who went to college and got in debt is deducted half her check, because she is paying for the tax of the one who decided to do nothing in school and go to the shelter.

  • Tish Smiddy

    Tish Smiddy

     2 days ago


  • dead boy

    dead boy

     3 days ago

    f**k this camille b***h

  • Deborah Victoria Edwards

    Deborah Victoria Edwards

     3 days ago

    Greetings from THE BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST 🌟✝️✨
    JARED KUSHNER IS THE ANTICHRIST, 666 New York tower he owns. ASIANS, many come, taking over many think they be, agendas...
    Hang in as 2020 end of these times it be. Many of us are homeless, squatting. Many take advantage. God sees all hearts, minds. Pay they will.
    Karma will collect...
    Love and Light 💖🙏🔥
    Cheers 🤳
    Bee 🕊️🌈🐝

  • Kathleen Donnafield

    Kathleen Donnafield

     3 days ago

    It is a travesty that the landlords are receiving guaranteed funds from the state yet the condition of the apartments is in horrid condition. The state employee is contentious because she knows what is happening is simply wrong. Local governments need to negotiate much stronger conditions for receiving funds. These slum apartments paid for by taxpayers of America are not the answer to long term problems. We need to see long term solutions!

  • Caz PK

    Caz PK

     3 days ago +1

    Ger rid of useless democract leaders asap

  • Linda Shalom

    Linda Shalom

     4 days ago

    Democrats at work.NY will be only for the rich.These people will all be kicked out.Thank AOC.She is already a millionaire.

  • Sara Peters

    Sara Peters

     4 days ago

    What been done since this video ??? Nothing

  • Knowledge Seeker 78

    Knowledge Seeker 78

     4 days ago

    I am very thankful that a handfull of guys offered their homes and their dicks to me so I wouldn't end up homeless.
    Once I was able to get a job paying more than $20 an hour I held on to it and now I'm not desperate and in need of help

  • Andrea Hope

    Andrea Hope

     4 days ago

    I find it hard to feel sorry for these women with kids. Pregnancy CAN be AVOIDED. How selfish and CRUEL to bring children into such a world.



     4 days ago +2

    Pay a decent minimum wage, $ 9 hr is slavery, Australia’s minimum wage is $ 23 hr

  • Steven Citizen

    Steven Citizen

     4 days ago

    Wow! America is Great? Man this is appaling. It has 3rd world country order.