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Motivational Film I Award Winning Animated Short Film I Alyce Tzue

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 25, 2017
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  • blu sky

    blu sky

     a years ago +69

    Atleast her blueprint did fly.

  • Screw You

    Screw You

     7 months ago +118

    I think it means we shouldnt be jealous of other people and try to bring them down, there is enough success in this world for everyone, and if we each take some of our time and help one another to suceed and help "a star shine" we will have a beautiful outcome (the sky full of stars"

  • Bikendra Shrestha

    Bikendra Shrestha

     6 months ago +25

    Sucess of hardwork....gains most bright future

  • Paulina Jaqui

    Paulina Jaqui

     a years ago +31

    This was so wonderful, it warmed my heart💕

  • Tech 'n' Tricky

    Tech 'n' Tricky

     11 months ago +45

    Girl is so cute.
    So innocent,
    Awesome animation

  • Paulina Jaqui

    Paulina Jaqui

     a years ago +17

    What is the ending song it's​ so beautiful!

  • Kaushal sisodya

    Kaushal sisodya

     10 months ago +23

    Donno why but 4:34 expression made me cry😢

  • Apenro Tsanglao

    Apenro Tsanglao

     4 months ago +1

    It touched my heart such an overwhelming scenes 😊😊

  • Vetxxon Q

    Vetxxon Q

     a years ago +2

    My teacher showed this to the class and it was amazing❤️❤️

  • Aki Nara

    Aki Nara

     7 days ago +4

    *sad piano solo
    *an idea is coming music😏

  • Esraa Abo Shanb

    Esraa Abo Shanb

     10 months ago +4

    It was so beautiful. I almost cried

  • Sean Wayne

    Sean Wayne

     9 months ago +9

    The subtitle of this short movie is more precise than my life.

  • raphul


     2 months ago +4

    such a wonderful imagination.. I appreciate the story writer and animation maker of the video 😋👌👌you did good work ..

  • Saba 7777

    Saba 7777

     1 months ago +3

    I think the moral is never give up on your dreams cuz there's always a way out. Also I died laughing when the tiny girl picked a pencil to fight her 😂

  • KidJV


     2 months ago +12

    threatening with a pencil..john wick would be proud

  • tiger Sagittarius

    tiger Sagittarius

     13 hours ago

    Sooo cuteee and this video reminds me don't listen to the others what they said

  • shivani bisht

    shivani bisht

     2 months ago +4

    Never give up !!!
    If you can't reach your goal then change the idea not the goal. 🤗

  • Kei Zen

    Kei Zen

     5 months ago

    I think it means you shouldn't give up,there is many ways to find solutions

  • Abid Esa

    Abid Esa

     6 months ago +13

    Don't lose hope. ...hardwork is a key of success

  • Dyosa Choi

    Dyosa Choi

     2 months ago +1

    Never give up and never stop trying to catch your dreams. Because your dreams lighten the darkness of everyone loneliness.