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China is erasing its border with Hong Kong

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • The border has an expiration date.
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    With original music by Tom Fox

    When Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997, Chinese leaders agreed that Hong Kong would be able to keep its economic and political systems, including some of the civil freedoms denied to China’s citizens on the mainland, for the next 50 years.

    Although Hong Kong still has nearly 30 years of semi-autonomy left, China has started tightening its grip, and many believe it is chipping away at Hong Kong’s freedoms. In this episode, I explore how Hong Kong is dealing with the looming deadline and China’s premature moves.

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  • Vox


     6 months ago +1456

    We've released a video explaining the recent demonstrations rocking Hong Kong, as citizens there protest against the government's proposed bill that would allow extradition to China. To get the latest on the current situation, you can watch the video here:

  • AlfredBarron


     5 hours ago

    Wow that clip of the Chinese book seller is terrifyingly similar to Orwell 1984

  • ShayPatrickCormac2


     15 hours ago +1

    Hong Kong doesn’t belong to any country, Hong Kong is a strong independent nation!

  • Hindsight



    The Gulag Archipelago should be mandatory reading, if you are at voting age or over and have not read this book you are doing yourself and your country a dis-service. Communism is the worst of humanity and should be stopped as early as possible when it arises.

  • hannan honey

    hannan honey

     3 days ago +4

    theres a saying in turks
    whenever fishes of same pond fight with eachother means british were here

  • Jasmine Lin

    Jasmine Lin

     3 days ago

    Don't you know that if he pro-democracy march in 1989 wins, China won't hv future? Also, imagine if it happened in America, will the government take action or not??

  • K- Jae

    K- Jae

     4 days ago

    I don’t know why but this moving around and taking video is irritating

  • shampa saha

    shampa saha

     4 days ago +1

    United States is not multi party system it has only 2 party and India has 2650 officially recognised party so that's Multiparty system

  • hoa Huynh

    hoa Huynh

     4 days ago

    When usa is number 1, almost every race in world can come there for opportunities. But if China is number 1, can any race come there for opportunities. Lol

  • عُمَرْ


     4 days ago

    so china is going to become a part of hong kong?

  • Amir Hagit Einav

    Amir Hagit Einav

     5 days ago

    Vox does another interview with her a year later

  • Danny Modra

    Danny Modra

     5 days ago +2

    China is just scared of freedom.

  • 서울건축여행


     7 days ago +2

    Hong Kong ♥ I love citizen of HK

  • saad khan

    saad khan

     7 days ago +1

    It's the fight between the ideologies democracy and communism..

  • Randominator


     7 days ago

    Hong Kong is China!

  • Hero Mihai26 YT

    Hero Mihai26 YT

     7 days ago

    Yes, but the sea level will cover the bridge, so the best solution is to build an entire under sea tunnel (like France and UK).

  • rahul raj

    rahul raj

     7 days ago +2

    Wait till China erases border with the World.

  • Kit Lee

    Kit Lee

     7 days ago +4

    I’m a HongKonger. Thank you so much for telling the truth.

  • Menelik Z

    Menelik Z

     7 days ago +1

    Why the heck are the Brits involved at setting anything let alone a border??? Every country they ever colonized ends up f*** up.

  • Tushar Singh

    Tushar Singh

     7 days ago

    The US has a multi-party system? What a joke!