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Aglio e olio: Italian chefs' reactions to the most popular videos worldwide!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 5, 2018
  • After the reactions of the Roman chefs to the most watched videos on carbonara, in the second episode of this series, we were in Naples to play and to reflect on the simplest Italian pasta: spaghetti garlic and oil. Discover the answers and the many insights of three Neapolitan chefs grappling with the most clicked recipes.

    "Spaghetti Aglio E Olio" by Donal Skehan 0:38
    "Garlic Spaghetti" by Food Wishes 3:07
    "Aglio e Olio from "Chef"" by Binging with Babish 5:05
    "Spaghetti Aglio e Olio" by Laura in Kitchen 7:18
    "Como fazer maccarao alho e oleo" by Ana Maria Brogui 10:03
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  • Italia Squisita

    Italia Squisita

     a years ago +63

    Carmela Abbate, Salvatore Bianco e Marianna Vitale show their Aglio e Olio recipes here:

  • Ikonya Warachi

    Ikonya Warachi

     11 hours ago

    I don't know why but even I am now offended when they added salt. How dare them!!!?

  • sa3vus


     5 days ago

    Aglio fvesco pepevoncino fvesco tutto fvesco

  • -the_emkast-


     7 days ago

    can you guys actually translate the videos for the chefs, there seems to be a bit of miscommunication between them and the video.

    no, chef john did not add cold water to the pan, and no, babish did not add wine, and he is merely recreating a version from a movie, so i think he really shouldn't be in this video at all.

  • Gabriele Castagna

    Gabriele Castagna

     7 days ago

    innovating is one thing, adding raw salt and burnt half a kg of garlic to cooked pasta is 100% wrong, simple as that.

  • Willie Stevan

    Willie Stevan

     7 days ago

    These people are not white...

  • Ian


     14 days ago

    I’ve tried this with and without lemon and much prefer with lemon. Not traditional, but it’s my mouth so Italy can kindly fuck off

  • Giovanni Valsania

    Giovanni Valsania

     14 days ago

    Io non sarò un cuoco , ma sono piemontese e non metto tutto sto aglio nemmeno nella bagna cauda. Bel video , molto.

  • Roberto Caputo

    Roberto Caputo

     14 days ago

    E la cosa incredibile è che il primo guadagna probabilmente più di tutti e tre messi insieme, vende le sue ricette e insegna in televisione e scrive sulla cucina e di cibo ahhaha mamma mia. Veramente!!!

  • etm567


     14 days ago

    I've never liked cheese in my aglio e olio! So I guess that's okay?

  • um t

    um t

     21 days ago

    Not another cooking show is the only genuine Italian in youtube it seems

  • lilcookie teeve

    lilcookie teeve

     21 days ago

    La mano per impiattare è troppo

  • rash4n


     21 days ago

    Ma comm fat a chiamà aglie e uoglie sti cacat? O vuommc

  • Benjamin Zuckerman

    Benjamin Zuckerman

     21 days ago

    Love Italy. Love Italians. Love this series of videos!

  • Peter Clarke

    Peter Clarke

     21 days ago

    Really enjoying the contrast between the Italian chefs and the morphing of recipes by chefs from other countries. A million ways to make one dish, which to pick?

  • German Pie

    German Pie

     21 days ago

    Loads of triggered people in the comment section. You can cook pasta however you want to (lots of pasta dishes originated from the poor with whatever ingredients they had in the first place), but don't use the traditional names for them. You may like putting a bunch of extra ingredients in your pasta, but a professional will probably not agree with you that it tastes better.

  • Backstop B

    Backstop B

     21 days ago

    These videos are my favorite. It would be amazing if they cooked the dish correctly at the end to show how it SHOULD be done.

  • mam bele

    mam bele

     28 days ago

    Italians aren's snobs, but they sure don't like it when you totally change a recipe from it's fundamental parts and then call it the same thing. you can cook pasta however you want, but you can't call it Aglio e olio if it's not Aglio e olio.

  • Sophia Carney

    Sophia Carney

     28 days ago

    Born in Verona here! Lived all over Europe. When I came to the U.S. I found that every Pseudo-Italian restaurant consisted of Spaghetti ladened in Heavy Tomato Ragu Sauce with Golf-ball size Meatballs then topped with Shredded Wisconsin cow mozzarella cheese...then "Baked" to melt the cheese. Then you have the "Pizza"..apparently somewhere in New York there is a famous pizza place that touts "New York Water" as the secret to their pizza. The Water..Really? Then you have American-Italian Restaurant's that when you ask the "Authentic Italian Owner" do they use Mozzarella di bufala aka Water Buffalo Mozzarella in/on their dishes...I get a blank stare. They do not no this wonderful cheese. Or when I ask how their Fettuccine Alfredo is made..when I hear the word "Cream or Milk"..I tell them to stop explaining..And when ordering my food..I ask the server's to not bring my "Salad" until after my main dish has been served. And the Serving portion's are outrageous! One meal could feed a family if four. In the U.S., Nutritional expert's tell it's citizen's to eat a "Mediterranean diet"...however most American's grow up believing that the American-Italy food's made in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere in the country believe that what is being served to them is "Authentic Italian" and if they were to continue to eat what is considered "Authentic Italian" here in the United State's...the citizen's will continue to be or become extremely obese.

  • Sergio de Prado

    Sergio de Prado

     1 months ago

    Carmela Abate adópteme por favor.