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10 HACKS That Every GAMER Should Use (GAMER LIFE HACKS) | Chaos

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 11, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/MW9riOVQUak


  • Chaos

     1 years ago

    Only like this and reply if you try not to miss an upload on the channel, there are a lot so it's not always easy :)

  • Jaemin Chung

     10 days ago



     2 months ago

    @chaos - do u know to mute the notification sound off??

  • Average Kid32

     1 years ago

    Omg guys don’t forgot about leaning back in your chair hack to get 972 winsI leaned backwards and got 972 likes(Tnx)

  • Kaynine

     2 months ago

    i imagine that hack is for consoles as i'd be actually in bed and the mouse n keyboard would be on the table n i'm not stretch armstrong

  • Alek SPSP

     3 months ago

    @Patman lol

  • Noodle Sushi

     1 years ago

    Apperantly having my back on a chair will give me 952 wins

  • ultimate movies2

     1 months ago

    What about Nickmerks

  • Im Mango

     5 months ago

    The one with his back on the chair has a better gaming chair that’s why

  • Combustion

     1 years ago

    bUT CAN YOU DO THIS?!?!?!?!

  • Chris

     8 months ago


  • vulcunx

     1 years ago

    not one of these were at all useful lol

  • Swix In

     4 months ago

    skoopttv #

  • ItBoris

     7 months ago

    If your cables look like 4:25 you shouldn't have a pc

  • Robert Marais

     3 months ago

    I agree

  • yabadabado 123

     8 months ago

    Wow leaning back helps alot now I can't even reach my mouse or keyboard!!! Thx man

  • NOOB 77

     2 months ago

    Use it for ps4 or xbox

  • NOOB 77

     2 months ago

    yabadabado 123 it’s not a life hack for PC gamers.

  • King Kai

     1 years ago

    Huh, I didn't know properly wrapping up your wires and cables was a "Life Hack" 😂😂

  • Lo Daughtry

     4 months ago

    The proper way is to not wrap them at all go wireless this ain't super mario all stars🤣

  • Ok

     1 years ago

    Ok I'll put on some £300 glasses and be ninja

  • cyber_dragon_123

     6 days ago

    Yellow pieces of (probably) plastic aren't exactly glasses, are they?

  • Unconventional Deskfan

     11 months ago


  • John Kessler

     1 years ago

    Hacks every gamer should use:AimbotWall HacksSpeed Hacks