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Foot Fetish Wedding

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • This is the greatest fetish wedding of All Time
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  • Chuwie


     7 days ago +3944

    Most of the videos on this channel now are about marriage or tall people
    I think Charlie is jealous of tall married ppl

  • abezeth


     7 days ago +3297

    7:25 dude pulled him away from the kiss just to throw a short joke respect the grind

  • WadeAlma


     7 days ago +1781

    Maybe I'm insecure about my height.
    Charlie you made a video dedicated to foot insoles to make you taller.

  • Fandom Fighter

    Fandom Fighter

     7 days ago +1123

    "I'm not insecure and my height... But if I could change it I would... Maybe I am insecure about my height" same lmao

  • Xander 'The Wolf'

    Xander 'The Wolf'

     7 days ago +450

    Being taller than 5'6" is a violation of both the treaty of Versailles and the Geneva convention. People like me are why WW2 happened and are walking war crimes

  • DiffinDash


     7 days ago +463

    The first thing I saw was just a small dot, but when I bent down closer to the ground I realised it was a guy.
    Upon further inspection with a magnifying glass I noticed his lovely smile.

  • bansheebot2


     7 days ago +285

    Their wedding night would be like a boss fight in Shadow of the Colossus......

  • 「Pessimismo」神


     7 days ago +567

    Charlie commenting on the guy's white crew cut shirt, just made me realize he himself wears nothing but white shirts WTF

  • DJB: Skits & Reactions

    DJB: Skits & Reactions

     7 days ago +572

    The Title Alone Is What Brought Me Here...

  • Grunting


     7 days ago +700

    that is the most unhappy looking wedding I have ever seen

  • Donneal Hyde

    Donneal Hyde

     7 days ago +123

    That guy's V-neck is way too deep, his bros left him out to dry

  • Jacob Sheldon

    Jacob Sheldon

     7 days ago +115

    "Jesus would not have allowed the foot washing"
    It's like you never even read the manga. JC washes his boys' feet right before getting getting schwacked.

  • Jared Foggle

    Jared Foggle

     7 days ago +604

    This video was obviously filmed by Tarantino

  • Narrows


     7 days ago +224

    6:46 I'd react the same way if there was a foot reveal at

  • Nutmeg


     7 days ago +212

    Walk on like 4 foot stilts and then maybe youll be 6’1

  • George Harrison

    George Harrison

     7 days ago +34

    "I'm not insecure about my hight"
    [visible confusion]

  • evotex yuh

    evotex yuh

     7 days ago +135

    I have a foot fetish myself
    This is exactly how we get married

  • Markiz


     7 days ago +93

    "i wanna wear heels on my wedding so if i lightning strucks me i will pass it on the floor and charge everybody's phone"

  • Thaddeus James

    Thaddeus James

     7 days ago +33

    What a nice shirt. wearing the same shirt

  • jackson -

    jackson -

     7 days ago +294

    Title: Foot Fetus Wedding
    Video: My Giant life
    Me: 😋🤤😍