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The Pros And Cons Of Dating Smart People. Drew Barth - Full Special

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  • The pros and cons of dating smart people are many and they are often times very complex, but Drew Barth is here to help you work through them in his Full Special "Shoulda Tried Harder" If you liked this full comedy special, theres a chance you'll like Dry Bar Comedy's other comedy specials as well, and they are all available for free right now on the Dry Bar Comedy App. Available on all iOS and Android devices.
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  • Malia


     an hour ago

    so they're smart if they prevent facts
    they're clever if they invalidate your argument with other instances of you being wrong

    okay but i do both and im neither please explain am i just next-level stupid

  • Silver


     2 hours ago

    I keep hearing kermitt the frog when he talks

  • Jessica L

    Jessica L

     9 hours ago

    I had to watch 21:16 like five times to realize his ring flew off 😂

  • Sekayi


     10 hours ago

    That negative attack ad metaphor was actually hilarious

  • NFMPivotMadnessXD


     11 hours ago

    This guy's hilarious, how have I not heard of him before? Needs to be on Netflix.

  • Belen Peralta

    Belen Peralta

     18 hours ago +2

    “He probably doesn’t get winded when we make out” IM CRYING 😂😂

  • iiMr. Crabs

    iiMr. Crabs

     19 hours ago

    36:50 “N..n...Noo you can not see China” I was waiting for him to say Nigha 😎🤙🏽.

  • Eldergod Oni

    Eldergod Oni

     20 hours ago

    Comedy for cucks.

  • Dark Warrior

    Dark Warrior

     20 hours ago

    Please stop releasing videos over 15 min long on YouTube I won't watch them, I don't have the time.

  • soph b

    soph b

     20 hours ago

    so is styrofoam... IM DYINGGGGGG

  • b


     21 hours ago

    He funny

  • Mad Paddy

    Mad Paddy

     22 hours ago

    XD I am a woman and low-key I'm both of these people 10:30 the "buy multiple things in bulk" and "let's find what I got from the coffs Harbour hotel 5 years ago" lmao

  • JJ exploring

    JJ exploring

     22 hours ago

    18:11 I know he's joking, but behind every joke there's truth. And this just shows that american ppl and european live so differently. WHY would you ever consider to pull down your pants all the way?? Unbutton your pants, open them up and MAYBE pull them down like 1 inch. Take out your peepee and pee! The rest of the pants can actually still cover your bum! I have boxers (and I'm not talking about silk oversized boxers that you see in movies, but actually of cotton and they sit perfectly) that have and don't have the "door" in the front, and I have never, but eveeeer used it. Oh and one more thing. Guys, pls, use paper to clean yourself. It's disgusting just to shake.

  • Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez


    im dying😂

  • MonkLifts



    Guess thats what dating a Democrat is like... so clever, but so wrong.

  • Beyond Drama

    Beyond Drama


    If you pee through the door in your briefs or any underwear you didn’t have a father cause only a person taught by a single mother would think that people use the opening in the front of their underwear to pee

  • rutger5000



    The guy from the space needle most likely couldn't read. like at east 2% or so of the USA population can not read.

  • CharisMarieTV



    I've seen these individual segments numerous times but will I watch it again compiled in one video? YES!!

  • דניאל ט

    דניאל ט


    The real Ace Ventura

  • Lucixir



    Title makes it sound funny but after 10 mins, he's not that funny... at all.