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Security Guard Pulls Gun On Black Police Officer In Full Uniform & Tried To Take Him Into Custody

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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    A IRS security guard in Ohio is facing one charge of aggravated menacing after pulling a gun on a African American Lucas County Sheriff's deputy. The deputy, Alan Gaston, came to the IRS office to ask a question. When Gaston arrived he was in full uniform and badge with his firearm visible. The security guard informed Gaston that he needed to put his gun in his car and Gaston said that he could not do that. That's when the security guard pulled out his gun. Gaston decided to leave to de-escalate the situation and the security guard followed him to the elevators and tried to take him into custody at gunpoint.

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  • Ryan N

    Ryan N

     3 days ago

    Didn’t know the color of skin made a difference.

  • Carolyn Brown

    Carolyn Brown

     4 days ago

    Man this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.

  • Tyrone Gantt

    Tyrone Gantt

     5 days ago

    Ok, peep game. What would have happened if the security guard was black and the cop was white?

  • Ian Battles

    Ian Battles

     14 days ago

    The cops never complain when they raid the wrong house or shoot an innocent person...

  • Frag Dad

    Frag Dad

     21 days ago

    Policing while black. In the UK we have anti race laws. The cop could have arrested him for this here. I am not saying we don't have racist. But you guys have it on a whole new level. Disgusting.

  • Skip Ad

    Skip Ad

     28 days ago +1

    I can't speak to the racism aspect but the level of inbred stupidity is off the chart.

  • MERCS2046


     1 months ago

    Why the fuck didn't they arrest the security guard, he pulled a gun on a cop.

  • Andy Gomez

    Andy Gomez

     1 months ago

    The guy is black! Let’s escalate this thing unnecessarily so maybe I can shoot him in the back and get away with it.
    Why do they keep giving trigger happy people guns!!

  • Jay Cardon

    Jay Cardon

     1 months ago +1

    In all honesty, I was hoping the black officer would have shot that crazy white security guard. Damn... next time!

  • B sanfran

    B sanfran

     1 months ago

    Love what your saying and putting out here but Please, Please stop yelling. Makes it hard to stay tuned 👏 No disrespect just want to be able to take in the details. Love your passion thou

  • Kristian Nilsen

    Kristian Nilsen

     1 months ago

    You people are racist asf😕 that lady says that white boy is mad a black guy has a real uniform and he doesn't 😂 no it's because that security guard is a complete idiot like you saying that racist shit👌🖕

  • Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

     1 months ago

    How is this white boy still alive? Holy Shit!!! That is the damnedest thing I ever seen in my life. He is a so lucky he is not doing jail time for pulling a gun out in a federal building and rolling up on a police officer.

  • Julius Adams

    Julius Adams

     1 months ago

    It is so sad that we live in a world like this with such people full of hate

  • Julius Adams

    Julius Adams

     1 months ago

    The white racist security officer he is so full of hate of black people he didn't even notice the uniform he didn't see blue all you saw was black

  • Cynthia Broyles

    Cynthia Broyles

     1 months ago

    I saw the whole video, it's shocking. Glad I found you commentating on it, love listening to your opinions!

  • DigitalGrin2


     1 months ago

    That’s the whitest Black woman I’ve ever seen

  • Aari Dula

    Aari Dula

     1 months ago

    So security guard assaulted a police officer, illegally detained and more

  • Alicia Chandler

    Alicia Chandler

     1 months ago

    The video was cringe worthy enough..but to disrespect all security officers calling them "the low of the low" was not appropriate. I'm not in security, don't ever care to be but degrading their profession cause this security guard act like a fool is not cool. Comments made in poor taste.

  • Metropolis Group

    Metropolis Group

     1 months ago

    This Shit isn't funny at all. He pulled his gun on a Black man first, he did not see a badge or uniform. What's even more obvious, the police officer is so conditioned that he avoids drawing his weapon on a white man.

  • Ivan J. Mandić

    Ivan J. Mandić

     1 months ago

    Only one Racist are you in the studio.