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NFL “Karma” Moments || HD

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 27, 2019
  • NFL “Karma” Moments || HD
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  • Ya Mum

    Ya Mum

     3 hours ago

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  • Lamar Smith

    Lamar Smith

     3 hours ago

    Gruden = Hipocrite.

  • Itrichard Dao

    Itrichard Dao

     5 hours ago

    I love the juju one that how u know he a good friend

  • F. Streicher

    F. Streicher

     5 hours ago

    Ramsey talks a lot of shit for someone who’s mediocre at best.

  • The Proud Asshole MGTOW

    The Proud Asshole MGTOW

     5 hours ago

    Oh geez it’s the very moment AB lost his mind

  • Tim Sagg

    Tim Sagg

     6 hours ago

    Good shit juju fucc em he knws why hes Latin down on the ground .

  • Edward Siger

    Edward Siger

     6 hours ago

    It’s called payback, commentators in the first one have no idea what their talking about

  • Kolin Komita

    Kolin Komita

     7 hours ago

    Juju is the man.

  • Nick LikesFitness

    Nick LikesFitness

     12 hours ago

    That Juju hit...solid hit. Gotta love how the commentators saying it was bad for the game but burfict is just now getting the door shown. Karma's a B

  • norman no

    norman no


    so not only did Burfect cost his team what would have been their only playoff win in 25 years he also got his helmet handed to him by Smith Schuster. these are the kinds of things that are liable to happen to you when youre a massive piece of shit.

  • Aarav Satturu

    Aarav Satturu


    i think AB lost his brains on that hit ngl

  • PATSFAN420



    Burfict earned that fully JUJU shoudl have gottena medal for that alone

  • salim farj

    salim farj


  • salim farj

    salim farj


  • Ben Dial

    Ben Dial


    Juju caught Burfict not looking, but the hit was not as malicious as the announcers try to say. Burfict still tried to get up after Juju 😂😂

  • jeremiah dawson

    jeremiah dawson


    look how innocent juju looked after😂😂😂

  • Mariah Trotter

    Mariah Trotter

     yesterday +1

    Juju had to get him back for hurting there best player an he did he knew what he had to do to get him back

  • Ben Valenzuela

    Ben Valenzuela


    5:16 well he did point out that he's aiming for the 1 yard line 😂

  • Fargo Fantom

    Fargo Fantom


    Burfict richly deserved that hit.

  • Brent Waters

    Brent Waters


    Burfict needs to get hit like that 5 more times. He's a piece of shit that should never play in the NFL again