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Barry explains multiverse to team Supergirl

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 28, 2016
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  • Thomas Tadros

    Thomas Tadros

     25 minutes ago

    I guess we can throw all that shit out the window now

  • Bumblebee transformers

    Bumblebee transformers

     2 hours ago

    What is name of the movie?

  • Ethan Yeo

    Ethan Yeo

     5 hours ago

    Waiting for the day Supergirl / Barry meet Lucifer



     6 hours ago

    There was girl in my classc who exactly dressed like her and even hairs that pony tail...i always thought did she watches this show or I'm just to much attracted to this character Supergirl ....she had that smile just like super girl and she thought I'm just pervert ,
    You know what i don't care ,
    I am just watching her and I'm not wierd dude she doesn't fears from me, she find this odd...but then she becomes the friend of mine , she started to know me and she kind of like me .....and then the day we all thinking has came,
    She asked me " why did you look at me like that, it confuses me, i feel like you are just weirdo , everyone thinks you're some kind of pervert and all"
    - it came to the point .where i had not left any excuses .so i did told her that you look like most good hearted , strong women with lovely smile and nothing but Supergirl and from that day she thinks I'm just series addicted person,😅.
    But she kind of like to hear that and me too...i knew that she is out of my league so i didn't let myself hurt her feelings we just stayed friends till graduation but I'm gonna ask her , after just one year of doing job , if she ever liked me ; it'll become easier to ask when we stay 1 year away from each other as she is doing job , I'll be in contacte with her , just chaking on what's going on , if she say yes then credit goes to this show !
    -if you read it , you might be thinking I'm just weirdo .
    May I am !



     6 hours ago

    Skip the flash & life isn't that complicated 😅

  • Thunda1986


     9 hours ago

    I like their friendship

  • David Dorsey

    David Dorsey

     11 hours ago

    Gets ice cream yessss

  • Giratina143


     16 hours ago

    Remember when Supergirl was fun?

  • Tetra Age

    Tetra Age

     17 hours ago

    if high speed movement can burn clothes, why it can't melt an ice cream?

  • Andrew Blanchard

    Andrew Blanchard

     19 hours ago


  • Rogue 桜

    Rogue 桜

     yesterday +2

    I want a whole separate show of Supergirl and The Flash

  • estere



    how do not the people who sell the downats(?) think that it's strange that she buys so much every day or often?



     yesterday +2

    watching kara so happy about the ice cream, make my day

  • Jared Bowman

    Jared Bowman

     yesterday +36

    “So you’re a superhero too”


    “ That’s cool I guess”

    - James Olson

  • Ramiro Magdaleno

    Ramiro Magdaleno

     yesterday +2

    There's earth were supergirl and the flash are dating 🤷‍♂️

  • Jimmy Poolanski

    Jimmy Poolanski

     2 days ago +24

    James: "What's so funny?"
    Me: In another universe you were an annoying white ginger kid with a strange obsession with Superman and what seemed like a Boston accent from the 1960s.

  • Nemesis


     2 days ago

    This is when Melissa was hot

  • Tristen Wu

    Tristen Wu

     2 days ago

    2:21 the way Kara looks at Barry 😂😂

  • Nussy Snake

    Nussy Snake

     2 days ago +1

    I still think Kara and Barry have waaaay more chemistry then Barry and Iris. Think of their child, a Kryptonian Speedster!

  • Skarlet Bloodthirsty

    Skarlet Bloodthirsty

     3 days ago +2

    The ice-creams should have melt or maybe even fall