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What Young Guys Screw Up During Sex - Jak Knight - Stand-Up Featuring

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • Jak Knight reveals the sex act that young straight guys get wrong and admits he doesn’t relate to Chance the Rapper’s hardcore spirituality. (Contains strong language.)

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Nk02-tRr7Ag


  • 3mit


     7 hours ago

    I felt like I was watching Meechonmars yo...

  • Nota Tsundere

    Nota Tsundere

     12 hours ago

    "First of all I cant hear ya cause I'm usually choking ya..." hell ye

  • Worst Covers

    Worst Covers

     13 hours ago

    Hey Devon from Big Mouth!

  • YouTube that who created YouTube

    YouTube that who created YouTube

     15 hours ago


  • K Williams

    K Williams


    Denver been doing alright since he got cut

  • Be1smaht



    Yes.... its womens fault that you dont know what youre doing

  • Be1smaht



    So true

  • Gift Nyatsambo

    Gift Nyatsambo


    This guy is mad funny 😂

  • Single mom X.x.X SLAMCA

    Single mom X.x.X SLAMCA


    99999999999 likes=99999999 times sorry to god

  • Danny Mendiola

    Danny Mendiola


    Guy furthest from the camera at 0:39 stifled that laugh pretty quick lmao

  • Xykloud DuPont

    Xykloud DuPont


    why i goto figure out this rubix cube when you ain't never seen cowboy bebop bitch!? lmao 3:01-:03

  • Jay Sinatra

    Jay Sinatra


    He kinda sound like chance also 🤣

  • piece of shit

    piece of shit


    Cowboy Bebop is my fucking favorite

  • Dukes Verrill

    Dukes Verrill

     3 days ago

    Chance hard left was "I LOVE MY WIFE"

  • yo grandaddy

    yo grandaddy

     3 days ago

    fam sounds kinda like chance lmao



     4 days ago +1

    Then boom you have a girlfriend for 3 weeks LMAO

  • John Chinzah

    John Chinzah

     4 days ago


  • nZe


     6 days ago

    props for the Cowboy Bebop reference

  • Alex Orum

    Alex Orum

     7 days ago

    i wonder how he feels about kanye

  • Zachary Goodwin

    Zachary Goodwin

     7 days ago

    3:43 “YK Osiris has left the chat”