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Most dangerous fight in cricket history | legends in war | a Must watch

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017
  • Cricket is a gentlemens game, but what if the men turn out into an angry mood, lol this is what happens when the game gets into a different zone.
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  • 99waylon


     4 months ago +248

    The music killed this video. Commentary would have nailed it

  • Great Mac

    Great Mac

     2 days ago +5

    The background music doesn't make any sense

  • Mathe Logix

    Mathe Logix

     2 days ago +4

    Where is Pollard vs Mitchell Starc?

  • IlyasAb


     5 months ago +131

    Street cricket has more and better fights then àll of this combined



     3 months ago +27

    Last fight was actually a war😃😜

  • Meenakshi Ambekar

    Meenakshi Ambekar

     3 months ago +37

    It was not a fight among Kohli and Johnson

  • Sardar Muhammad Abdullah

    Sardar Muhammad Abdullah

     a years ago +20

    lv ganguly from pak decent bnda

  • Yogendra Yadav

    Yogendra Yadav

     3 months ago +58

    now warner and smith never sledge 😂😂

  • Ishaq Khan

    Ishaq Khan

     1 months ago +20

    Wow Dhoni vs “Bangladeshi bowler”. That same bowler has taken 5-50, 6-43 and 5-59 (World Cup) against India. You should at least know his name by now. MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN.

  • Vidhya Prakash

    Vidhya Prakash

     2 months ago +8

    Who was fighting in the last.. what was the reason?

  • abhishek krishna

    abhishek krishna

     10 hours ago

    Worst background music ever listened

  • ArseneWenger


     28 days ago +3

    No legends. No fights. And please next time no music

  • siva kamalesh

    siva kamalesh

     3 months ago +33

    Australians can never play cricket without sledging

  • Tamim Rayhan

    Tamim Rayhan

     1 months ago +7

    Yeah, and that "Bangladeshi Bowler" Vs Dhoni was Fizz, took 5 wickets in that match and India lost that ODI series 2-1 in 2015...

  • tia sunep

    tia sunep

     28 days ago

    This is not the dangerous fight these are the funniest moments..😂😂

  • why do i care? bcoz am human

    why do i care? bcoz am human

     2 months ago

    YESS... fight fight fight...
    And kill this game😂🖕

  • Quixotic Woman

    Quixotic Woman

     14 days ago


  • Pradyuman Shakya

    Pradyuman Shakya

     7 days ago

    What about Pollard and bravo IPL 2013

  • Muhammad Usaid

    Muhammad Usaid

     14 days ago

    Shoaib Akhtar is miss.

  • Ayush Rana

    Ayush Rana

     3 months ago +5

    The aussies are always looking for fights.