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MMA vs Wing Chun Kung fu 徐晓冬与丁浩比赛的高清视频回放

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • 徐晓冬评价李小龙:他只是演员,没有实战能力
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  • purported land

     8 months ago

    Xu Xiaodong gives comments on Bruce Lee徐晓冬评价李小龙:他只是演员,没有实战能力

  • rools2roolsproject

     18 hours ago

    @Khanh Hoi must of those fake masters are the one who want to fight him. They go to his gym or the students embush him at his hotel.His social media accounts are being blocked and cannot take any plane anymore. Have you seen this "fight" he clearly won and everyone agrees but the fake referee called a draw. I would get very angry too if I was him and I understand if he tries even harder to prove a point.

  • 나무몸통

     5 days ago

    cungfu trash

  • yoga renaldi

     2 days ago

    IP man 5: The fallen of wing chun

  • James Soriano

     22 hours ago

    That's not real kung fu master. He wearing those basket ball shoes

  • Hercules Chan

     4 days ago

    To everyone, i want you to know that china gov is trying to promote traditional chinese kung fu, since this mma artist expose fake kung fu master, the china gov has use the credit system to make him a Rank D citizen, unable to travel around china using train nor plane. In other words, this mma artist has been put into "prison" because of exposing the truth........

  • MyWORDisntGospel

     10 hours ago

    XOkumaX did you read all the comments? I know. I said I found it.

  • XOkumaX

     11 hours ago

    @MyWORDisntGospel its real

  • Vonn Miller

     2 days ago

    Shouldve learned how to box before you learned Wing Chun

  • Bimo Kumoro

     16 days ago

    He doesnt mean to disrespect the traditional Chinese martial arts, he just exposing the "fake master", which is for me, he is doing the right thing.

  • Wandi Joni

     6 days ago

    Wow what a great way to save kungfu from being irrelevant by the jackass reffs and judges. Not even a tie at all

  • Tou Xiong

     4 days ago

    One word, pride. The Masters are too proud to admit defeat.

  • Royal Ace

     3 days ago

    STOP CHALLENGING MMA FIGHTER 💪.....Kung Fu stuff is only for moviesBut Bruce lee is a legend

  • Marco Cruz

     15 hours ago

    Bruce lee it's also a mix martial artist, just agreeing he's a legend!!

  • Don Juan

     23 hours ago

    Royal Ace yeah and MMA is only for TV programs 😅😅

  • Johnny Szky

     7 days ago

    Sooo he thinks he is IP Man like in the Movies lol 😂

  • Master Oogway



  • Stéphane Geerts


    Finally someone who says the Truth!!! Indeed, this video doesn't meen that the MMA fighter is better than the other one. Or that MMA is better than Wing Chun. I have been a English boxer during 6 years and i'm now a wing chun practician for two years. BUT i know that someone could beat me anyway…

  • Sou Khun

     7 days ago

    8:00 Wing Chun master realized: shit, this is for real? I thought we are filming IP Man sequel 🤣

  • Nathan Thomas


    Their weight difference is a massive factor

  • Stéphane Geerts


    YEP! Negative… Believe me. I fact, the way of this wing chun fighter is too slow or too "rigid". I'm a wing chun practiser but in Europe, wing chun is more agressive and my master include self-defense, English boxe and Sanda. This video only shows one thing… This MMA fighter won that day against the wing chun master. Not that MMA is better than wing chun. And, Believe me, I do respect the MMA.