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MMA vs Wing Chun Kung fu 徐晓冬与丁浩比赛的高清视频回放

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • 徐晓冬评价李小龙:他只是演员,没有实战能力
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  • purported land

    purported land

     a years ago +351

    Xu Xiaodong gives comments on Bruce Lee

  • White Noise

    White Noise

     11 minutes ago

    lol --- Ow ...

  • TimRessos


     4 hours ago

    That was two different weight divisions.

  • QuanSeattle N

    QuanSeattle N

     8 hours ago


  • Evans Landicho

    Evans Landicho

     8 hours ago

    When you realize even bruce lee is fake

  • Michael Ramos

    Michael Ramos

     9 hours ago

    7:46 thank me later

  • Jestony Dorimon

    Jestony Dorimon

     22 hours ago

    Feel bad to the Kungfu boy. His skill doesn’t have power and no defense at all. No wonder why there is zero Kungfu fighting styles got Champion in any MMA contest.

  • Shiba Tatsuya

    Shiba Tatsuya


    I don't think any martial arts is inferior or superior it's just that the fighter is

  • drin isaacosias

    drin isaacosias


    11:32 i'm Sad
    Then suddenly
    11:37 Im Laughed

  • Dimas Kurniawan

    Dimas Kurniawan


    Hahahaha itu pertarungan langsung bro... Bukan filmnya ip-man

  • TheRumbles13



    How did i end up on this side of yt

  • Red Chevy

    Red Chevy


    I think if the fight were 5 rounds the tan shirt guy might have been able to make a

  • BryanOnPiano



    Dudes wing chun skills aren’t good that’s why

  • Rogerio Suzuki

    Rogerio Suzuki


    O lutador de wing chun projetou mal os golpes, pouca potência, postura frágil e cotovelos muito baixos contra um oponente mais pesado ☝! O lutador de mma absorveu todos os golpes sorrindo!

  • Mr Woland Zeta

    Mr Woland Zeta


    Se mi metto a fargli wrestling prendendolo dalla maglia lo batto anche io uno che pratica un'arte marziale pura come il wing chun

  • nut311a


     yesterday punch againnnn

  • Döglasch Santos

    Döglasch Santos


    The problem is that in Wing Chung classes you don't deal with reality. I mean, you're not even trained to resist real punches.

  • Nurhazman Ridzuan

    Nurhazman Ridzuan

     2 days ago

    Wtf!!All in the ipman movie are all bullshits

  • Boys On Trip

    Boys On Trip

     2 days ago

    The mma man hold wingchun man cloth?

  • Billy Kenpo

    Billy Kenpo

     2 days ago

    Wing Chun guy has not guard, he does'nt know blockin... MMA guy is more weight.... Everythin is wrong....