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Gary Zukav: The New Perception of Community with Oprah Winfrey | SuperSoul Sessions | OWN

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 10, 2017
  • What is the soul? How does your personality align with your soul? Do your fears affect your soul? Spiritual pioneer Gary Zukav sits down with Oprah for an intimate conversation on how his life’s work can change the course of your life and your community. Watch exclusive #SuperSoulSessions content on http://www.SuperSoul.TVFind OWN on TV at #SuperSoulSessions #OprahwinfreySUBSCRIBE: the Watch OWN App: SuperSoul.TV:SuperSoul.TV is a gathering of spiritual thought leaders to stimulate and inspire us to move in the direction of our truest calling - to become more of who we are. Co-Creation. Illumination. Congregation. Inspiration. Ideation. Motivation. Magnification. Celebration. Heart-i-fi-cation; Where heart meets soul; disruptively awakening.About OWN:Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey's heart and creative instincts inform the brand -- and the magnetism of the channel.Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.Discover OWN TV:Find OWN on your TV!: Fantastic Lineup: with OWN Online:Visit the OWN WEBSITE: OWN on FACEBOOK: OWN on TWITTER: OWN on INSTAGRAM: OWN on PINTEREST: Zukav: The New Perception of Community with Oprah Winfrey | SuperSoul Sessions | OWN
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  • LovingAtlanta


     2 years ago +203

    "The only way to change the world is to change yourself" - Gary Zukav

  • Sanhita Chatterjee

    Sanhita Chatterjee

     5 months ago +224

    My mother is the most powerful and the most misunderstood person I know. She could wear "flipflops" and own any place because she knew the power that lay in her soul. I always wanted to know her secret and she told me but I never realised the magnitude of the values she inculcated in me till I reached my 30s. My mom was enriched by spiritualism from very early as we are from India. One of the most important lesson she imparted was about loving people even people who are hurtful. She said that you should be the best version of yourself no matter what the circumstances are, never let the circumstances define your action, your intention. That is the most powerful way to live, every hurtful cause fades in comparison to your power as an empowered soul. Being yourself actually means to be able to be yourself no matter what the circumstances dictate to you. <3

  • Margie Hessick

    Margie Hessick

     2 years ago +81

    Talking about stuff like this as a thirteen year old , made me peculiar, I am My own best friend with My Soul

  • The Van Noy Real Estate Group

    The Van Noy Real Estate Group

     a years ago +51

    Think about a community that does not exclude anyone. Great thought.

  • Pj Lewis

    Pj Lewis

     2 years ago +120

    This needs to be seen by everyone...and with an open heart and an open mind.

  • Nuha


     2 years ago +279

    Thank you OWN & Oprah for the full episodes.

  • Nthabiseng Grace

    Nthabiseng Grace

     2 years ago +46 healing..I have a special child and this has helped me to realise how much of a great soul he is....a blessing in many great lessons to learn through him, of which ordinary people might not get such opportunity as I have in their lifetime. What a precious gift.

  • Triggering Light

    Triggering Light

     2 years ago +35

    I am so thankful for having come across this video. Thank you!

  • Sarah Murphy

    Sarah Murphy

     2 years ago +81

    Thank you Oprah for all that you do to evolve the consciousness of the planet at this time. You are such a fantastic role model to millions of women xx

  • Reema Xxxx

    Reema Xxxx

     2 years ago +364

    Oprah! She is a gift to the world.

  • Julie S

    Julie S

     a years ago +41

    Seat of the soul ... I studied this years ago and helped to change my life in a deep way. Thank you Gary. Love your gentle soul and wisdom ❤️

  • floreridea


     2 years ago +47

    Ancient knowledge Modern wisdom. Karma, consciousness, & self/soul. Thanks for sharing these living saints and sages modern wisdom .

  • Lapointesun


     2 years ago +144

    thank you for putting these on youtube!!

  • Cherry Liang

    Cherry Liang

     2 years ago +185

    Opera has so many books by her nightstand

  • Grace Bennion

    Grace Bennion

     2 years ago +15

    So true. Gratitude is like an open door to step through and move out of resentment and fear, into joy and freedom.

  • Maria VELO PLAZA

    Maria VELO PLAZA

     2 years ago +26

    Fear or love
    Love is the answer 💗

  • Fides Gheysary

    Fides Gheysary

     2 years ago +138

    I had a miscarriage but during the time of my three month pregnancy, I was telling my husband that the child inside me is an old soul. I believe I am an old soul but I know my son is an older soul. I always believe he is alive. And one day he will come back to me. He will return and I will be his mother.

  • Ashley Breaux

    Ashley Breaux

     2 years ago +34

    I absolutely love Gary Zukav's book "Seat of the soul " been years since I have seen him or read that book. For the last 2 weeks I have had Gary cross my mind. Today, I opened up my LinkedIn profile and saw someone share this. I thanked him for sharing this and commented, " IT must be time to revisit this book. as I thanked the person who shared it, I noticed his last name was Markus... The kicker.... When I came into this World 50 years ago, there was a nurse named Ruth Markus. my mother told me she kissed me on my forehead and wished me luck. call it what you will, but this is pure love, God is pure love. there is no difference. thank you Oprah and Gary. it is time for me to be ready..... AGAIN ❤❤❤❤



     2 years ago +49

    OMG!!!! My whole life was yes and being nice and I kept wondering why cause that's not what I really meant... Draining and Finally getting my life back and understanding me

  • Ramasa Yehia

    Ramasa Yehia

     2 years ago +77

    Oprah Winfrey we all love you,here in Syria
    you are a great human being and a huge influence
    I hope to be like you some day