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Changing Batteries - The Saddest Story 3D Animation

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2013
  • Watch this saddest story 3D animation from MMU, Malaysia. The title is 'Changing Batteries' - a story about an old woman that live alone with a robot. The ending is too sad to watch...Stream & buy the original soundtrack here their page at from:
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  • Nikhil Reddy

    Nikhil Reddy

     3 months ago +521

    Who love their granny hit like

  • Jeannett Mata

    Jeannett Mata

     5 months ago +873

    I cried of the song and them :(
    1=like for they can be alive again :(

  • Arca nova

    Arca nova

     5 months ago +521

    I wish my mom will never die😭
    This is it the time will never back
    Enjoy the time with your mother
    That all yours will be gone nothing will stay enjoy it until your fam is alive like me😀

  • Damodar Ghimire

    Damodar Ghimire

     4 months ago +178

    Anyone watching on 2019?
    Love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • Seth Apex

    Seth Apex

     3 years ago +2865

    jeez, it's like you don't expect much and then the last part hits you like a tsunami

  • Krystelle Imperial Reamico

    Krystelle Imperial Reamico

     5 months ago +115


  • Alan p

    Alan p

     2 months ago +94

    Omg I'm crying if you are to like😔

  • issakidfromig


     3 months ago +109

    i remember watching this when it first uploaded on this channel. it still gets me until this day. happy 6 year anniversary ❤️.

  • Ni Kole

    Ni Kole

     4 months ago +111

    I love my grandparents especially my grandma 😘😭 she guided me well and I will never forget them. They’re already in my heart.

  • Sonali Basak

    Sonali Basak

     4 months ago +32

    I can't stop crying no matter how many times I watch this.

  • nishma ganiga

    nishma ganiga

     4 months ago +52

    I cried so much 😭😭😭😭really heart touching video 💗💗

  • Eric Munoz

    Eric Munoz

     3 months ago +20

    That last part was so sad when the old woman and the robot walk off to the circus that was the part that really gets me every time

  • WhatsUp ZK

    WhatsUp ZK

     2 months ago +24

    My heart is broken
    One like=pray for granny aNd robot to be always in heaven :(

  • Dana Luceroo

    Dana Luceroo

     11 months ago +1474

    🧓🏻one like = one prey for granny and robot

  • orlando junior

    orlando junior

     2 days ago +1

    This video made me cry thinking about my grandma who passed away in 2016 from Alzheimer's

  • Sam


     6 months ago +22

    Even tho this is just a computer-generated movie, it's still very sad to watch it and feels like it's the reality. :(

  • Mario Narro

    Mario Narro

     yesterday +1

    this is the only video in my life that made me cry...

  • hamodee sy

    hamodee sy

     5 months ago +28

    فور رياكشن 4reaction

  • ZA


     2 years ago +1851

    That was so sad.
    The part where the robot tried to "change her batteries" so she could wake up, reminded me of when my grandpa died.
    I entered the room with a huge bouquet, he always loved flowers, I thought he was sick but, as soon as I saw him laying there lifeless, never to wake up again I was in such denial my mum says I was begging him to "wake up and see the beauiful flowers I got him" over and over until I started sobbing uncontrollably and kind of blacked out for a while.
    I remember thinking I'd never talk to him again, I'd never see him but, this movie made me realize that he's in a better place now. He lived a fulfilling life, went through wars and hardships and was a very wise man.
    We all miss him.
    Very beautiful story and interesting animation~❤

  • Muneshni Mudaliar

    Muneshni Mudaliar

     2 days ago +1

    I felt sad when grandma died but luckily they went to the circus