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Youtuber Look - Alikes (Queen Naija, Solluminati, Flight Reacts)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 11, 2018
  • This video was made for entertainment purposes don't take this video too serious. If I missed a look-alike and or if I got them wrong, let me know down in the comments below.
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  • JazxJaz


     2 years ago +256

    To all of ya saying they don’t alike well duhh!! Because half of them ain’t related they share some of the same facial structures and junk that’s what she mean not no AWW THERE TWINS like Nahh 🤣😭 ya dead dragging it in this comment section

  • Skysthelimit212


     7 days ago

    Queen and Naija. Naija makes Cardi look like the great value version

  • Melek Israel

    Melek Israel

     2 months ago

    Cardib and Queen that look like that can be sisters henesey you still cardib sister too k

  • Jordan


     3 months ago

    0:55 🤨



     4 months ago

    Hell nawh to the Clarence lool alike😂

  • Sixers Playground

    Sixers Playground

     5 months ago

    LSK and Blueface

  • Nevy Anders

    Nevy Anders

     6 months ago

    Queen and Cardi and Jaz Jackson and
    Nicki Minaj

  • Queen kiana

    Queen kiana

     7 months ago

    Queen look nothing like Cardi B

  • Charity Davis

    Charity Davis

     7 months ago

    Except for the first one now they look alike the rest nooooo period

  • Charity Davis

    Charity Davis

     7 months ago

    Nd don't u thk we k they not related dumb ass bitch they just don't look alike nd don't say my girl qeen look like cardi b bc they both sticking they tong out anybody can do dat don't say they look alike u dumb ass hoe damm yall get on my nerves

  • Charity Davis

    Charity Davis

     7 months ago

    First of all nun of those ppl look alike nd the cartoon characters wht u thk they was trying to look like u dumb bitch

  • Grace of all time

    Grace of all time

     8 months ago

    I actually thought Queen and Cardi are siblings.They look alike as fuck...They should ask their parents

  • Cynthia Gary

    Cynthia Gary

     9 months ago

    Queen does look like cardi b 😄😄😄

  • Tasha Allison

    Tasha Allison

     9 months ago

    Queen Naija and Cardi B both are beautiful women and i look up to them cause I'm 10

  • Jay C

    Jay C

     10 months ago

    Queen look waaaaaaay better than cardi

  • King Marie

    King Marie

     10 months ago

    Killuminati n Solluminati
    Such a demonic world

  • Tyrell reaves

    Tyrell reaves

     11 months ago

    i dont know why they said odell looks like Clarence no way

  • Nia Stewart

    Nia Stewart

     a years ago

    That girl and Tamar Braxton look exactly alike

  • Keishana Elliott

    Keishana Elliott

     a years ago

    I think that cardi and queen are gonna be besties dont let nothing get bettween them

  • High rocks Pop

    High rocks Pop

     a years ago

    Cardi b/queen 👭👩‍❤️‍👩❤️👌