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Rich Boyfriend VS Broke Girlfriend

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 28, 2019
  • Relationships are tough, it gets even tougher when your boyfriend or girlfriend is rich but you're broke. subscribe: the scenes: us everywhere...facebook: accounts (stalk us plz)twitter: [email protected] music by: you're still reading this, comment "Raindrops. Drop Tops.". don't tell anyone. this is our secret.
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  • youtwoTV


     14 days ago +533

    Hope ya'll have an AMAZING day today! Hoping these Sunday sketches are bringing some smiles to your faces!
    Let us know what else you guys want to see from us! :)

  • MoNiTaDD


     14 days ago +270

    this is how many years they will stay together

  • Simar Vandal

    Simar Vandal

     14 days ago +415

    I thought it was rich girlfriend vs broke girlfriend, i was like where's the rich girlfriend

  • Samp Drifting

    Samp Drifting

     14 days ago +453

    When your early and try thinking of a joke to get likes

  • SquidKid Productions

    SquidKid Productions

     14 days ago +269

    Jazz: alright perves give me your money...
    when your that desperate for money
    Edit: holy crap how am I getting so many likes?! Thank you!

  • The Breeze Family

    The Breeze Family

     14 days ago +335

    If this is blue you love YOUTWO 🌟
    👇(I’m gifting my next 10 subscribers 🤩)

  • Matej Kuvik

    Matej Kuvik

     14 days ago +142

    For everyone reading this : I hope you are healthy and safe <3
    EDIT : OMG thanks for likes <3 <3 <3

  • Izzy OG

    Izzy OG

     14 days ago +74

    Who else cringed when jazz opened the chips like she did like who opens chips like that !!!

  • Ender Dogs

    Ender Dogs

     14 days ago +66

    “I’m broke! Pay for everything” 😂😂😂

  • Princess Sharan

    Princess Sharan

     14 days ago +130

    Ahhhh your videos make me sooo happy I love watching them thank youu💗

  • Omg Kkkk

    Omg Kkkk

     14 days ago +71

    OMG favourite YouTuber ever
    Like if you agree
    Thank you for all the likes

  • Sìwa s

    Sìwa s

     14 days ago +81

    Literally they are best couples ever with little touch of imperfections ❣

  • aadya reddy

    aadya reddy

     17 hours ago +1

    raindrops. drop tops.
    leave a like if you got it :D

  • Panda and Cricket

    Panda and Cricket

     14 days ago +29

    i love how she was taking “pictures” and her fingers were covering the camera 😭💀😂

  • shovan mazumder

    shovan mazumder

     14 days ago +60

    I can’t believe I’m the first person watch the vid and I’m from the 6 Toronto please come back to Toronto your my favourite YouTuber I want to meet you guys in real life



     14 days ago +26

    The fact she has an IPHONE X as well 😂

  • Frozen Gem

    Frozen Gem

     14 days ago +46

    Wow you rented a car for this video!??? Dang guys, y'all really do dedicate everything to us ❤💓❤💞

  • Maria-Ines Aholoukpe

    Maria-Ines Aholoukpe

     14 days ago +21

    For the next episode can u do the opposite of this video like rich gf and broke bf

  • Yousef Hassan

    Yousef Hassan

     14 days ago +14

    dude u should just do girlfriend rich vs broke boyfriend and the girlfriend would waste all her money on shopping LMAO trust me

  • Aarushi


     14 days ago +30

    I love your videos so much!!! Legend says if you’re early they’ll reply... prob won’t happen but eh