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#2 Gaming Music Mix | Rock Mix【1 Hour】♫

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Os09-mH98H4


  • Verschwörungsanalytiker


     7 months ago +101

    Please Pin On!
    0:00 Carry On
    3:17 Prayer
    8:23 Edge and Pearl
    12:24 Feel
    17:30 Crying my Name
    21:05 Careless
    25:37 The Hot Wind Blowing
    27:52 Snake Eyes
    32:17 Blank Space
    36:14 Its Over When Its Over
    40:06 Runaway
    43:33 Afraid
    47:44 Tragedy
    51:32 Salamander
    55:20 Whatever You Want It To Be
    58:50 Calling

  • Ехидный колобок

    Ехидный колобок

     6 months ago +4

    У тебя офигенные плейлисты,супер!!! P.S. Подпишусь на тебя :P

  • Andriy  Pavlyshyn

    Andriy Pavlyshyn

     5 months ago +4

    Твої мікси просто бомба, продовжуй в цьому дусі! Удачі



     6 months ago +2

    Carry on - Bruning season ... OMGGGGGGGGGG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH ! Thank you a lot White Rabbit !

  • bkmz654


     7 months ago

    За Edge and Pearl и Snake Eyes отдельное спасибо!)))

  • YourNightmare


     5 months ago +7

    Всегда включаю твою музыку на фоне,так держать!Удачи

  • Daniel Dosso

    Daniel Dosso

     5 months ago

    Though I liked your first mix, this one is even better!

  • MidNighT ReBorN

    MidNighT ReBorN

     7 months ago

    Nice playlist! Hope you keep making more. This is the only way we can get through games like civ 6, haha

  • Alejandro Arturo Pumpido

    Alejandro Arturo Pumpido

     6 months ago

    I LOVE your channel man :) great music selection

  • Mister' Cun-ter Ter-wur-west

    Mister' Cun-ter Ter-wur-west

     8 months ago

    this shit is dope thank you for putting this up

  • Лоз


     6 months ago

    NEFFEX-Careless it is great

  • Fox


     7 months ago

    Thank you, bro! Awesome music!

  • Kushikimi Kojima

    Kushikimi Kojima

     6 months ago

    nice work mate...

  • Jefferson Rivera

    Jefferson Rivera

     14 days ago

    Gracias por el contenido, gente como tú vale tres millones :3, espero que sigas adelante.

  • JetStorm93


     2 months ago

    Other than the plethora of duo adds that are 3-5 minutes long, this collection is amazing

  • Aggro


     2 months ago

    nice Eskimo Callboy :)

  • The Hembis

    The Hembis

     2 months ago

    Snake Eyes is by far the best gaming track ever <3

  • Daniel Dosso

    Daniel Dosso

     5 months ago

    @snake eyes
    Oh it's Kephrii's theme

  • Luis Henrique Pires Dias

    Luis Henrique Pires Dias

     7 months ago

    Nice work

  • Lorenzo Salomone

    Lorenzo Salomone

     4 months ago

    Can you do an hard rock mix?I love your choices