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4 Steps To Make People Instantly Like You

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 7, 2017
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    Graham Norton has what many people would consider their ideal charisma - for two reasons.

    One, Graham Norton doesn’t need to hog the spotlight in order to shine. And two, Graham Norton seems to have the ability to make ANYONE like him. From rockstars to movie stars to professional athletes, people from all walks of life seem to love being around him.

    So today we’re going to talk about a 4 step formula that Graham Norton uses to make people love him even while he teases them, and how you can use it to make yourself both funnier and more well liked.

    0:34 Graham Norton creates a warm and positive connection
    1:26 Graham Norton compliments especially on Graham Norton Show
    2:55 How to be funnier and how to make people like you
    5:33 How to use banter and teasing to get everyone on the same level
    9:00 Graham Norton does the art of self deprecation

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