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Why Logan Paul Lost To KSI In The YouTuber Boxing Rematch – Body Language Secrets

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 16, 2019
  • Find out why Logan Paul lost to KSI in the YouTuber boxing rematch.

    Logan Paul was considered the favorite to beat KSI in their boxing rematch at the Staples Center in Los Angeles California. Logan lost by just 1 point in a split decision. Yeah, the fight was extremely close and some say that the referee shouldn’t have penalized Logan with 2 points on that late hit on KSI.

    Logan dedicated himself to this training for this fight for a year, he’s an accomplished high school football player and wrestler, had unlimited budget, and was significantly bigger than KSI, so understandably he was considered to be the favorite, but how did Logan lose? Many thought Logan was going to easily win, but there’s always a fascinating story behind these shocking upsets, so we’re going to piece together the evidence, along with break down body language, to find out the real reasons why Logan Paul lost to KSI.

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    Now in the comments: Why do you think Logan Paul was so arrogant to think he just couldn’t lose? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Pd50cOyfW6U


  • Derek Van Schaik

    Derek Van Schaik

     21 days ago +1025

    Why do you think Logan Paul didn't think he could lose?

  • austin morgan

    austin morgan

     3 hours ago

    president 2032 what a joke

  • Levi Martinez

    Levi Martinez

     6 hours ago

    Best fighter of all time is Mike fucking Tyson, let’s be honest, put any one of those shit heads in the ring with the king of killing people in boxing and he would turn both of those pussys into fucking vegetables. So get out of heat with that “I ain’t never seen a machine like you🥴”

  • Fricken Buddy

    Fricken Buddy

     7 hours ago

    So your telling me 2.5k people think Logan is not arrogant. 🤦‍♂️

  • SekC _ jmoe

    SekC _ jmoe

     12 hours ago

    that fight shows that the bigger you are it doesn’t matter in boxing.

    I’m sure there are other fights like that, that’s the only one I could think of

  • Jean Lorkei

    Jean Lorkei

     12 hours ago

    Sure he could have surrounded him better, but when you are a man like that, people stick around you like butterfly on a night light.

  • It'sLeeea


     12 hours ago

    He would obviously won if he doesn't have a brain injury.

  • szymex ttv

    szymex ttv

     12 hours ago

    Good luck losing so much weight to fight conor 😉

  • BubbleNuts


     16 hours ago

    Does Shannon Briggs have autism or something?

  • Mohammed Muqeet

    Mohammed Muqeet

     16 hours ago

    Exception is of course Floyd mayweather

  • Muid Mumtaz

    Muid Mumtaz

     18 hours ago

    When people say "LOgaN oNly LOSt bEcauSE Of THE -2 PoIntS.", they need to consider that JJ would need to have that obvious knockdown to count.

  • Random Brown Guy

    Random Brown Guy

     21 hours ago

    Most heated maths discussion of all time

  • The Filthy Gnigger

    The Filthy Gnigger


    “I can mulitask”
    “No you can’t, you’ll find that out”

  • damie n

    damie n


    I didn't feel like I lost

  • Cole Amick

    Cole Amick


    Man I came back and logan is a whole different person from when he was in his Japan incident I don't like logan but im going to give him a second chance for him to prove to himself that he is changing now Jake is a whole another story but I'm willing to give logan a second chance

  • TheRedEcho 123

    TheRedEcho 123


    The thing is that a bunch of non boxing fans just came because of the fact two youtubers were fighting that they don't understand that you can't hold someone and punch them (that's minus one point) and then continue to punch them while theyre falling (another point deducted) you don't give a guy a "warning" after committing two crimes

  • joehamster9



    Jake Paul 100% didn't believe Logan was actually gonna win

  • Cosmo Gaming

    Cosmo Gaming


    I want kickboxing cuz its harder and im more into it or UFC

  • Haitham Yassen

    Haitham Yassen


    Logan doesn’t have any real friends. I never lie to my friends, if I see them slacking off in a workout or hitting a their goal, I’ll call them out, not hype them up when doing something wrong.

  • NubSkrubTuber De Pleb

    NubSkrubTuber De Pleb


    Well not really just don’t get hit at all so the points don’t go to him and hit him so the points go to u