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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 17, 2017
  • Be sure to SUBSCRIBE { } to our channel for all the latest videos!!#phiftop5braids How to braid the top five easy braids! Twist or Rope Braid; 3 Strand Braid (Regular and Dutch style); Four Strand 3D Braid; Five Strand Braid; and Fishtail Braid. If you are a beginner and are learning how to braid, this tutorial will show you step by step instructions for each braid. Rewatch each segment to get each braid down quickly! Learning to do our own hair is a life skill and one that we will use daily! I love teaching my girls how to do simple braids and tricks. It increases their confidence and makes them more independent.  They also love teaching and sharing with their friends. :) AND for the record......if you are one of the VERY few uncool that it isn't obvious to.......her hair is WET for the video--not greasy. Ew! Like I would ever let her hair get THAT greasy?! Am I right!? 🤮 Seriously. Loves to all the rest of you very smart people who understood from the beginning. 😘Share this tutorial with everyone you know that is learning to do their own hair or someone else's. They will thank you!! You can also share our Beginning Hairstyles Playlist, full of awesome simple hairstyles that are great for a beginner. Watch it here: FOR INDIVIDUAL BRAIDS START TIMES:TWIST BRAID: "0:04"; THREE STRAND BRAID: "0:49";FOUR STRAND BRAID: "2:02"; FIVE STRAND BRAID: " 3:38"; FISHTAIL BRAID: "5:09";For full step by step instructions and more pics, visit our blog- link is in our About section of our channel. 😊Follow us on Instagram! @prettyhairisfunFacebook: Pretty Hair is FunPinterest: PrettyHairIsFunTwitter: @shaunellshairCategoryHowto & StyleLicenseCreative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)Remix this video
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  • Møń Fłø

    Møń Fłø

     a years ago +153

    I wish I could do these hairstyles. My hair has a mind of its own

  • LittleCreatures


     a years ago +277

    holy crap that girl has long hair

  • Get it Girl

    Get it Girl

     a years ago +193

    man she has amazing hair, so thick and even

  • Tsun Tsun xD

    Tsun Tsun xD

     a years ago +177

    Who else knows how to make braids but watches this?? XD

  • Layla!


     a years ago +68

    Now i see how easy it is to do the fishtail. My mum has to learn how to do it.
    Oh goodluck to me. 😣😣
    Edit: Jk my mum is amazing and so is yours.😘😉

  • Søphia Peña Vløgs

    Søphia Peña Vløgs

     a years ago +14

    love her hair so much!

  • Imotivesoul -

    Imotivesoul -

     a years ago +1

    Hey i liked that 4th one braid. It was so pretty

  • Sara Bella

    Sara Bella

     a years ago +2

    p.s. I'm Italian 😊

  • Sahara Shusmi

    Sahara Shusmi

     a years ago +3

    The first one was very easy and I'm a beginner so ya:)

  • Abilene Grace

    Abilene Grace

     a years ago +26

    Thank you for slowly explaining these wonderful braiding techniques! My family doesn't know how to do any type of braids, and I know 6 different ones. Thank you!

  • Rabiathul afraa

    Rabiathul afraa

     a years ago +1

    One day your channel will become 1 million and I pray for that .ALL THE BEST

  • Olivias Videas

    Olivias Videas

     a years ago +1

    I wish I had long hair like that! I will definitely try these!

  • _Ashi _y

    _Ashi _y

     a years ago +4

    Who else knows the last hairstyle to do now can like my comeent to say yesss

  • Courtny Lancaster

    Courtny Lancaster

     a years ago +4

    You are really easy to follow on the steps,and it makes it a lot better to follow than on most other videos,thanks!🤗

  • KM Shannon

    KM Shannon

     a years ago +79

    I'll be using your technique for the 4 strand braid. Much easier! Thanks

  • Sophia Hulina

    Sophia Hulina

     a years ago

    I keep on watching awesome hair hacks, when I can't even do a ponytail.

  • aquiba


     2 months ago +8

    Ok so 2 strands, 3 strands and Fishtails are easy. 4 and 5 strands got me really confused.

  • Servando Perez

    Servando Perez

     9 months ago

    i love the fishtail braid i always wanted to do that one OMG IM SO TELLING MY MOM TO DO ONE RIGHT NOW AT 8:59

  • Daisey Beach

    Daisey Beach

     a years ago +1

    Now i know how to do fish tails!!



     a years ago +1