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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 17, 2017
  • Be sure to SUBSCRIBE { } to our channel for all the latest videos!!#phiftop5braids How to braid the top five easy braids! Twist or Rope Braid; 3 Strand Braid (Regular and Dutch style); Four Strand 3D Braid; Five Strand Braid; and Fishtail Braid. If you are a beginner and are learning how to braid, this tutorial will show you step by step instructions for each braid. Rewatch each segment to get each braid down quickly! Learning to do our own hair is a life skill and one that we will use daily! I love teaching my girls how to do simple braids and tricks. It increases their confidence and makes them more independent.  They also love teaching and sharing with their friends. :) AND for the record......if you are one of the VERY few uncool that it isn't obvious to.......her hair is WET for the video--not greasy. Ew! Like I would ever let her hair get THAT greasy?! Am I right!? 🤮 Seriously. Loves to all the rest of you very smart people who understood from the beginning. 😘Share this tutorial with everyone you know that is learning to do their own hair or someone else's. They will thank you!! You can also share our Beginning Hairstyles Playlist, full of awesome simple hairstyles that are great for a beginner. Watch it here: FOR INDIVIDUAL BRAIDS START TIMES:TWIST BRAID: "0:04"; THREE STRAND BRAID: "0:49";FOUR STRAND BRAID: "2:02"; FIVE STRAND BRAID: " 3:38"; FISHTAIL BRAID: "5:09";For full step by step instructions and more pics, visit our blog- link is in our About section of our channel. 😊Follow us on Instagram! @prettyhairisfunFacebook: Pretty Hair is FunPinterest: PrettyHairIsFunTwitter: @shaunellshairCategoryHowto & StyleLicenseCreative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)Remix this video
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  • LittleCreatures

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    holy crap that girl has long hair

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    LittleCreatures just like your mothers long ass

  • Renaldo Nieves

     23 days ago

    Amelia Suko Alright shoe off geeze

  • Maggie And Monce

     1 years ago

    I wish I could do these hairstyles. My hair has a mind of its own

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    Maggie And Monce does it punch you in the face in the morning?

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    Who else knows how to make braids but watches this?? XD

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    I dont know how to braid hair.:(

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    Tsun Tsun xD only dumbasses do that

  • Get it Girl

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    man she has amazing hair, so thick and even

  • Amelia Suko

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    I bet mines better and longer

  • Maurilha666

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    it's a beautiful hair, but has a lot of products on it to stay that way

  • jozfen Younan

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    I Love the fishtail braid Like if you agree😍

  • leonie spark

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    Me to

  • allana d

     9 months ago

    i finally did a fishtail on my cousins hair but she doesnt have much to work with since shes two and she kept moving

  • aubrey Aubrey

     1 years ago

    I don’t know why this only has 29k views bc this is the only video on YouTube that actually taught me how to braid.... you leave nothing out and that’s important when doing hair....

  • No Bo

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    So true

  • Curtykinz

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    Now it has almost 2.5 Million

  • Dillon Faile

     20 days ago

    I'm learning how to braid so I can do my girlfriends hair and this helped me sooooo much

  • Layla!

     1 years ago

    Now i see how easy it is to do the fishtail. My mum has to learn how to do it. Oh goodluck to me. 😣😣Edit: Jk my mum is amazing and so is yours.😘😉

  • Bac Si Dre

     26 days ago

    Are you a kid or a adult

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    #yazzy4life #yazz4life hair breading

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    Her hair is gorgeous😍😍

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    Ur child is sooo freakin still I couldn't tell if u was braiding a maniqui hair

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    delfin love if my grandma Yes braiding MY hair then i would cry

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