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  • Published on:  Friday, June 21, 2019
  • Welcome to Audit The Audit, where we sort out the who and what and the right and wrong of police interactions. Help us grow and educate more citizens and officers on the proper officer interaction conduct by liking this video and/or subscribing.

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    Do you have to show your receipt when the greeter at Wal-Mart asks? What happens if you just walk away? Sometimes the legality of actions is not clearly defined. This video covers some of the legal peripheries stemming from the internet trend of receipt refusals.


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  • Audit the Audit

    Audit the Audit

     7 months ago +366

    Any likes and subs are sincerely appreciated! We are growing at a fantastic rate and I can't thank you all enough for being here from the beginning!

  • Michael S

    Michael S

     6 minutes ago

    I don't like being checked on the way out either but I also have the choice not to shop there if I don't like their policy. It's quite simple, if enough people have a problem with it they'll shop elsewhere and business will drop, forcing them to adjust their policy. Otherwise, put up with it or don't shop there.

  • Ronnie Baker

    Ronnie Baker

     24 minutes ago

    I get on to the old ladies at Walmart for profiling me almost every time I go to Walmart. They walk right by me to check the black and Latino's all the time. I'm like, why don't you ever check my receipt, is it because I am a well dressed white man?

  • Frankly Frank

    Frankly Frank

     44 minutes ago

    Don't blame Walmart for the receipt-checkers blame all the shoplifters. Walmart needs to be very proactive to catch these thieves and the least you can do is hang on to the receipt long enough to show before walking out. All these people causing scenes about showing their receipt are simply immature and lack in understanding.

  • Bulletup14


     2 hours ago

    Hand the Walmart associate a receipt from Lowe’s or Home Depot and make sure the items are from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  • #Blackpeopledont Tip

    #Blackpeopledont Tip

     3 hours ago +1

    Just show the damn receipt..

  • Dinky Ray

    Dinky Ray

     5 hours ago

    Let me help all those who think you DONT have to show a reciept. You are standing on Walmart peoperty with Walmart property in a bag/cart! UNTIL YOU HAVE LEFT WALMART PROPERTY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN A BAG/CART BELONGS TO WALMART UNTIL YOU PROVE OTHETWISE!

  • stephen parent

    stephen parent

     10 hours ago

    There’s a ton of just outright factually incorrect garbage in this video.

  • Kiishun


     13 hours ago

    I didn’t understand why people just can’t get their receipt out and continue on with their day. Easy, no unnecessary drama. Walmart have been doing this for years. Plus it’s their job. They are told to check receipts. I get no one wants to be treated like a thief but does any of these people realize how easy it is to actually steal from these companies. Again, I’d just get my shit and get out.

  • allan thomas

    allan thomas

     15 hours ago

    Ide tell em to go fk themselves

  • Jordi M

    Jordi M

     15 hours ago

    Youre voice is so boring

  • aroj81


     15 hours ago

    so much easier to show them your damn receipt !!lol

  • Marcus Mcguffie

    Marcus Mcguffie

     17 hours ago

    question i have what happens if a shop doesn't give a receipt

  • MO MO

    MO MO

     19 hours ago

    3:52 ----> this is how a person with an IQ of 65 looks like!

  • J Pol

    J Pol

     20 hours ago

    We need to stop shopping at stores that check receipts and quit buying memberships to stores that as part of your membership contract, you give them the right to check your receipt. That's the only way to put an end to this. The only legitimate reason for them to check receipts is, if a cashier misses an item underneath the cart or in the front part were a lady usually sets her purse or coat and the checker sees the item and its not on the receipt. Otherwise those receipt checkers aren't going to find anything, especially when the purchase is put into bags. My real concern since I don't steal, is, what if the cashier does miss an item and I'm to busy bagging the stuff to notice. How will they treat that situation if something hasn't been rang up. Who will catch the blame for that. The associate who missed the items or the customer who is innocent because they didn't know an item hasn't been rung? So now they call the cops and charge you with shoplifting. That's why the whole deal of checking receipts needs to be put too bed, for good. Their theft prevention department should be catching this kind of stuff and passing it along to store management to warm cashiers against this happening or they are gone. Heck if gas stations can fire a cashier for a drawer shortage why not fire the cashiers for missing items. A couple 3 warnings to be fair and less than 3 warnings a year clears the record back to 0. I was going to say clears the slate, but I feared the millennials wouldn't know what the slate is! Lol. See ya. Jpol.

  • Polly Pocket

    Polly Pocket

     22 hours ago

    You can’t leave Costco without showing a receipt. I don’t see the big deal.

  • Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson

     22 hours ago

    Soon we will be shopping online anyway

  • starastronomer



    I complained to a local Walmart about being stopped and the manager said I did not need to show it and the employee is to not pursue it.

  • michiganoutlaw



    Support this nonsence and it will continue to get worse.

  • Abtin Pourdehghan

    Abtin Pourdehghan


    this video is fucking stupid and all you entitled white people mad in the comments are stupid too. people get hired to check receipts as their jobs because it’s store fucking policy. you’re harassing these workers by filming them and making a big fucking deal out of nothing. it’s policy to show your receipt, so they can make sure you didn’t steal anything. it’s for everyone, nothing’s special about you making them ask you.