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CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 12, 2014
  • ► NEW VIDEO Automatica:► Album, Apple Music, CDs & 4k Video:► Spotify: in 4k / HD. All of the science experiments in the video are real. Watch behind the scenes and see how it was made.►Facebook:►Instagram:►Twitter: features audio visualized by science experiments - including the Chaldni Plate, Ruben's Tube, Tesla Coil and Ferro Fluid.
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  • Bearger The bearger

    Bearger The bearger

     4 months ago +1115

    This is one of those videos that takes you into a whole new section of YouTube

  • Bry Bryyy

    Bry Bryyy

     4 months ago +932

    Science, Music and Cinematography. What could you ask more?

  • mike lutta

    mike lutta

     4 months ago +1073

    No fundamental particles were hurt in the making of this video... Just excited....



     2 months ago +307

    2014 nope
    2015 nope
    2016 nope
    2017-2018 no
    2019 ok. You win



     4 months ago +540

    If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. -Nikola Tesla

  • Farah Aisyah Aziz

    Farah Aisyah Aziz

     2 months ago +204

    This video was uploaded last 4 years ago, and just today, on 6 June 2019, YouTube recommend this video, and I'm shock at this making music and science together. 👏 congrats!

  • Buddy Does What??

    Buddy Does What??

     4 months ago +509

    Just imagine what your ear drums are doing listening to this..

  • MR ONO

    MR ONO

     3 months ago +83

    if i made this song then i would have called it: Moving matter. bacause thats literally what the music is doing

  • Predo


     2 months ago +46




     21 days ago +25

    I am grateful finally youtube recommend a good video in 2019

  • Ayanna Marielle

    Ayanna Marielle

     4 months ago +41

    This was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. It is very important that we talk to ourselves in a positive manner. The words we use everyday vibrate and resonate within us and outwards. We need to be kind, loving, and have gratitude for our existence.

  • Keedell Key

    Keedell Key

     5 months ago +70

    I ignore this video many many of times may be 70-80 times, dont know why(?) its always in my recommendation,
    I saw it today, And i dont know now how many times I'm going to watch this.. its on..

  • mester Hash

    mester Hash

     5 months ago +1903

    When a musician get a PHD in science

  • SavvySteak


     4 months ago +28

    Imagine the impact of sound from your voice effecting another.
    Puts things into a grander perspective.

  • Technical Arts

    Technical Arts

     3 months ago +34

    I was known about this science, but today when i saw this video my mind blown due to the music. Love this music.

  • Arnier Hamz

    Arnier Hamz

     5 months ago +33

    When a musician married a scientist then they have a son.

  • Hack Plus

    Hack Plus

     2 months ago +28

    I showed this to my best friend
    Now he's EMINEM

  • Odalys Iniguez

    Odalys Iniguez

     a years ago +1529

    My science teacher showed us this video

  • makayla Jones

    makayla Jones

     4 months ago +35

    I watched this at school now I'm watching it and home I love it great job

  • Peggy Franzen

    Peggy Franzen

     3 months ago +37

    Great physics, and experimental engineering. Thank you.