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Getting a Laugh: How to Make Something Funny

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018
  • Been wanting to make an ongoing series on comedy writing for a while. Let me know if you're like to see them run along side the regular uploads.
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  • Jim Lawton

    Jim Lawton

     15 hours ago

    I love how you used the word mediums. Interestingly, the plural of medium is Media.

  • Bryce Brownlee

    Bryce Brownlee

     20 hours ago +1

    should’ve released this before joker came out

  • Nelalvai



    I just realized I use this process with all my jokes without even thinking about it :0

  • Emilia Vega

    Emilia Vega

     yesterday +1

    Yo, this guy sounds like the dude from Khan academy

  • Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos

    Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos


    I brought my grandpa with me to eat at this restaurant. We ordered some really good food.
    After i paid, my grandpa was missing! I tried to find him but he was nowhere to be found!

    Well, thats because my grandfathers benjamin franklin.

  • Howard Fung

    Howard Fung


    I waited for the punchline for 11 Im triggered

  • Matthew Beach

    Matthew Beach

     2 days ago +2

    I love how this guy is actually a subtle genius.

  • lele.


     2 days ago

    wow this is an actual tutorial

  • Ryan Sheffield

    Ryan Sheffield

     2 days ago

    What about word puns . . .

  • Bizz493


     2 days ago

    The entire video was a setup for the cancer joke and we were all played for fools

  • TheMrarrie18


     3 days ago

    I learned a lot from reading Douglas Adams about creative wording and (anti-) metaphors

  • Kill The Killer

    Kill The Killer

     3 days ago

    My friend: What’s the most complex thing you do in your kitchen
    Me: Your........A woman

  • Saudia Mohamed

    Saudia Mohamed

     3 days ago

    It’s easy for me to make things funny cause I’m awkward and will start to say a story and it’ll got something like
    “so uhhhh...................... yo I’m STUPID”

  • Not Lou

    Not Lou

     4 days ago

    CallmeCarson: So last night I was in the backseat of my car when-

  • Dean andtheOtherguys

    Dean andtheOtherguys

     4 days ago +1

    It's funny how he takes not being serious so seriously

  • - UnbreakebleCow

    - UnbreakebleCow

     4 days ago +1

    Y'all normies, i made teachers laugh, you can't do that!

  • Arctic Hawk

    Arctic Hawk

     5 days ago


  • arcassia art

    arcassia art

     5 days ago

    Hannibal Burress Pickle juice

  • Declan Moore

    Declan Moore

     5 days ago

    Comedy is like cancer... if you don’t get it, it’s boring

  • Ryan Hooper

    Ryan Hooper

     5 days ago

    That misplaced nut line was amazing