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Getting a Laugh: How to Make Something Funny

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018
  • Been wanting to make an ongoing series on comedy writing for a while. Let me know if you're like to see them run along side the regular uploads.Check out the new merch if you'd like me here too, and some very exciting things about to happen on the Super Secret Future channel!► ►►►
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  • Eapple Gamerz

    Eapple Gamerz

     11 months ago +14304

    If you want someone to laugh, tell them how often you upload.

  • jubbsticks


     10 months ago +3184

    *says there’s no rules in comedy*
    *explains the rules of comedy*

  • Christer2222


     10 months ago +1191

    Speaking of bad delivery; miscarriage

  • jeff


     10 months ago +1613

    I actually found the 'arguing with my wife' line funny.

  • Brendan Powers

    Brendan Powers

     10 months ago +2412

    Feels weird being actually educated by Casual Explained.

  • Nishad Aras

    Nishad Aras

     10 months ago +1257

    Did...... did....... Did you actually make a proper informative video? Is everything alright?

  • Taikamuna


     10 months ago +3810

    this one wasnt so bad son

  • Katsoup98


     8 months ago +640

    "Of all people you'd think he'd know the damage of a misplaced nut."
    Expectations obliterated. Probably the best joke in the whole video.

  • TheMoldyPotato


     10 months ago +674

    This video seemed more useful than funny

  • Shivkumar Krishnamurthy

    Shivkumar Krishnamurthy

     10 months ago +661

    "You can't laugh and get offended at the same time. "

  • BloodLiife


     10 months ago +551

    kid comes back home from school
    his mom : So what did u learn today
    the kid : Comedy = cancer

  • RobotExplanations


     10 months ago +165

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that we still can't figure out if she's into you.

  • nkooutsider


     10 months ago +201

    Professional standup comedian here! I've been ghost writing for a lot of celebs and have been paid very well from it too. There is a simple formula I use that helps you be original and will always get you laughs from anyone.
    1) bring up a past story about yourself to make people invested in what you have to say
    2) use extreme detail to have them picture your story into their minds
    3) the build up is key because this is where the person's anticipation builds
    4) then shove it up your butt

  • Sierra Z

    Sierra Z

     3 months ago +147

    “What’s the most complex thing you do in your kitchen?”...
    Your mom

  • Elijah Blough

    Elijah Blough

     10 months ago +128

    Lol my jokes are so bad, but I have a funny laugh so when I laugh at my own jokes people laugh at my laugh. Mission accomplished

  • stolenducks


     2 months ago +52

    "Of all the people you think you'd know the damage of a misplaced nut"...
    Underrated sentence

  • mayisuppose


     2 months ago +49

    Bo Burnham? David Mitchell? Bill Burr?
    Okay this guy's comedic taste it incredible.

  • FlameSight


     10 months ago +168

    I'm a simple man I see Bo Burnham I click

  • Prime Studios

    Prime Studios

     4 months ago +47

    This is the most informative video I have seen you produce.

  • TheFaze


     10 months ago +103

    The most complex thing I've done in my kitchen: Spending 15 minutes or more looking for food in cabinets and everywhere to find them all empty when 15 minutes or more could've saved me on Geico car insurance instead