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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 14, 2018
  • Relive all of the mesmerizing, jaw-dropping dunks that have received perfect scores in the slam dunk contest!Subscribe to the NBA: news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at NBA LEAGUE PASS:
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  • R3Börñ Jûp!tër

     7 months ago

    That Aaron Gordon jump over mascot under legs was nasty!

  • General Glitter

     12 days ago

    Dallas Salmon plus lavine copied one of gordons dunks too

  • SP FromNY914

     21 days ago


  • Brent Nelson

     4 months ago

    I think I'm honestly more impressed with Spud Webb than anyone else. Anyone who is 6'10" can jump, dunk, and make it flashy. Webb's dunking required insane precision timing. He's barely getting up there. But the fact that he is at 5'7" and delivering those dunks is insanely impressive to me.

  • anny anum

     6 days ago

    Not dirk

  • Johannes Bridges

     11 days ago

    NC State in the house. I just wish David Thompson could have played in this era. He would have redefined dunking.

  • 10

     5 months ago

    VC, Gordon, LaVine 🔥

  • Otherworldly Burrows

     11 days ago

    @Saitama Sins You mean contests I'm guessing

  • RainFrog Tv

     1 months ago

    So ur not impressed with 5'7 who can dunk?

  • Jaamoos

     5 months ago

    Jordan kept doing the same dunks

  • Wert Gamer

     2 days ago

    @RageCage1701 You're just saying that cuz you're a fanboy. I agree Jordan is the greatest of all time in NBA but just admit it, he kept doing the same dunks stop defending and get over it, the only thing that was creative was his leg twisty

  • Isaiah's Vlogs

     2 days ago

    @ran dom bet you couldn't dunk

  • Lakers165

     5 months ago


  • Pierre Thao

     3 months ago

    I don’t know man

  • Lacretia Davis

     3 months ago

    @Otis_tha Goat rajai

  • edallencompassingly

     8 months ago

    And yet I play NBA 2K, and I do a 360 windmill catch off the glass from a teammate as I jump over four other guys and two motorcycles and I score a 36. That's some straight up discrimination.

  • Flaming Charcoal

     5 months ago

    It’s so true that’s why I don’t do it anymore it’s broke

  • Pandazz

     5 months ago

    which 2k

  • TheProGaming

     3 months ago

    4:22 - how is this quality so goodAND IT WAS the year 2000

  • Wert Gamer

     2 days ago

    If you see 2001: A Space Odyssey trailer it's in 1968 and the quality is like a movie today and it was 51 years ago!

  • The Eternal Dax

     7 days ago

    The way the original was stored


     5 months ago

    Now they are handing out 50s like halloween candy

  • Dwayne Jones

     4 days ago

    @Nate Cruz dang bro calm down, it's just his opinion 😂. It's not really that serious

  • D R A C O

     21 days ago

    @Nate Cruz the only OG player that dunked good was VC every other player was basic asf dunks that u would see on a fastbreak in a regular game

  • Gabe Yung

     5 months ago

    Spud Webb dunk was amazing for his height 💯

  • ian roselio

     3 days ago

    difficulty - gordoncreativity - cartersmoothness - lavinepower slam - wilkinsglide - jordantechnicality - j.richardsonleaping ability - s.webb