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Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 16, 2017
  • This took a while to make
    this is only part 1 of many

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  • Savage Brick Sports

    Savage Brick Sports

     a years ago +133

    Part 2 out now:

  • Tae Kim

    Tae Kim


    @7:50 - was this filmed for the Asian/Korean version of Men in Black? hitter starts to drop his bat and look up like he saw an UFO

  • Tae Kim

    Tae Kim


    @5:19 - the person that was hit...the teammate (on right) was like...bro you a man...that's messed up man

  • Michael Summers

    Michael Summers

     3 days ago

    Women Fast-Pitch Softball game on the home run - The Home Plate Umpire made a bad call. The ASA rule says if the batter-runner misses a base on a home run, in this case, the home plate she can go back any time to touch the base in reverse order. If she goes into the dugout without touching the missed base in the right order. At this time the head-coach or his assistance has to make an appeal to the home plate umpire and then the Umpire can make the call. High Schools, colleges, and the Olympics all go by the ASA rules for Fast-Pitch. The batter never went into the dugout. I got chewed out by the State ASA UIC because I made the same bad call.



     7 days ago


  • srats56


     7 days ago

    that intro and outro music is godawful

  • Aysha Roberts

    Aysha Roberts

     14 days ago

    3:25 biggest fake of all time

  • Kuran Kishi

    Kuran Kishi

     14 days ago +1

    0:57 When you press the pass button but the game lags

  • Austin Roberts

    Austin Roberts

     14 days ago

    homerun should be a dead ball that's so wack lol what is this fourth grade?? Should probably sprint around the bases then in case a fan throws the ball back and you get tagged out. Cant believe they took that homerun away it wasn't even the same ball lol wtf.

  • King Eris

    King Eris

     14 days ago

    You got to love the commentators comment on the last one. First he says “Hang your head in shame”. Then he says “i think if he tried that 100 more times he wouldn’t hit the target once. 0-100. He’s a pro football player I think he could do that a few more times if given 100 tries lol . Talk about a double insult.

  • Looseel Scott

    Looseel Scott

     14 days ago

    7:41....he was beheaded with a samurai sword after the game.

  • Ben Adams

    Ben Adams

     14 days ago

    5.00 that's what happens when you try to play football with your hands

  • choid2614


     14 days ago

    The guy at 5:57 should take up soccer... as a spectator.

  • Nixxy


     14 days ago

    How do u fucking miss home plate?

  • SSJNomad


     21 days ago

    Out if flags?? No worries, throw yo hats up!! 😂

  • Dominyk Lerma

    Dominyk Lerma

     28 days ago


  • Bill Malloy

    Bill Malloy

     28 days ago +1

    01:05 the basketball player should have been ejected for delay of game and unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • Alfonso Gutierrez

    Alfonso Gutierrez

     a months ago

    Proof that sports are fake, it's all acted, police can be corrupt, politicians can be corrupt, presidents can be corrup but oh no people say sports are real, lmao

  • Chad Thundercock

    Chad Thundercock

     a months ago

    Softball players are legit ogres

  • gohdux


     a months ago

    Oregon player Brooke’s was not flopping he was trying to protect an injury. He was trying to jump back as to not turn the ankle. It was so unfair to play it nationwide and say he was flopping.