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Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 16, 2017
  • This took a while to makethis is only part 1 of manydiscord: channel: channel: plus: Song: JJD & Alex Skrindo - AuroraCheck out my friend's podcast:
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  • Savage Brick Sports

    Savage Brick Sports

     a years ago +124

    Part 2 out now:

  • Francis sheehy_2200510

    Francis sheehy_2200510

     a years ago +306

    Thx for original audio and not music

  • Stephen Jones

    Stephen Jones

     a years ago +495

    "Loss of 87 yards...." I'll bet we'll NEVER hear that one again!

  • TwinSpinner


     a years ago +264

    4th and 93? Lol
    Never thought anyone would have to punt on a 4th and goal

  • Camden Jones

    Camden Jones

     a years ago +250

    4:18 if you pick up the ball you get drafted by the browns

  • Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen

     a years ago +311

    I was sobbing while watching this video, I was so upset. But then I saw that the title said (funny) and I realized my mistake.

  • ActualRiot


     a years ago +585

    Should've put the Browns whole season on here

  • Nick Currie

    Nick Currie

     a years ago +708

    Look at that Jets fan in the stands with the flag, that's the happiest a Jets fan has been in years

  • The left upright at soldier field

    The left upright at soldier field

     a years ago +295

    I stand by my claim that 90% of soccer injuries require acting lessons

  • Hamb


     a years ago +541

    Can you do "Field Goals That Missed by a Mile"

  • Dexter Marquardt

    Dexter Marquardt

     a years ago +93

    That whole goal line sequence with the Jets and Chiefs was genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in sports

  • Ty Law #Layingdownthelaw #24 #sbchamp

    Ty Law #Layingdownthelaw #24 #sbchamp

     a years ago +74

    Basic baseball 101, TOUCH THE DAMN BASE

  • Michael Ogden

    Michael Ogden

     a years ago +80

    5:48 gives new meaning to the phrase "breaking ball"

  • FatalPenguin250


     a years ago +130

    This makes me want to go in my computer and play on my room

  • TheDieseased


     a years ago +155

    Wouldn't be a savage brick video without funny

  • King Hip-O

    King Hip-O

     a years ago +36

    7:40 How do you say "juuuust a bid outside" in Korean?

  • dayostical


     a years ago +83

    0:45, "I'm not laughing at him, definitely not"......why you always lying?

  • Hamb


     a years ago +314

    7:41 Clearly a strike

  • Mason Steele

    Mason Steele

     21 days ago +8

    7:42 the announcer said YEET im laughing so hard

  • Dan Geiger

    Dan Geiger

     a years ago +11

    I don’t speak Korean, but at around 8:00, I think he said, “Juuuuuust a bit outside.” Lol