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What 3D printing material to use for object inside a car? Temperature test

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 24, 2020
  • Few times I wanted to 3D print an object which will be inside my car, but I was not sure which material to use. On internet there are so different information, but they must be different, depend where the author lives. So, I decided to do my own test with 7 materials. On test probes I placed M10 screw nut, just to add minimal load to objects. I chose 10 very hot days in a row, during this test, I always placed my car on hottest sun, turned to the South, but since here in Budapest (45° latitude) summer is not too hot, last part of the test is simulating higher temperatures in oven.

    0:00 introduction
    1:18 tested materials
    5:16 about temperatures inside car
    7:14 testing from day 1 to day 10
    15:57 analyzing test probes after 10 days
    17:14 oven test
    18:34 conclusions

    Materials in this test:
    PLA+, Gembird
    HT PLA, 3Dee
    PolyPlus PLA, Polymaker
    PETG, Herz
    ABS, Prusament
    ASA, Prusament
    Nylon, Gembird
    (only in oven test) Elegoo Water Washable Photopolymer resin printed on Elegoo Mars

    Other materials and methods:
    - Prusa MK3 3d printer,
    - Elegoo Arduino Uno R3
    - LM35DZ temperature sensors,
    - Analog 1-100°C thermometer

    Budapest Latitude:

    Test probe can be downloaded from my website:

    Parked car temperatures:

    Mentioned Arduino data logger video:

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/QdAKd_YbsjI