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The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 15, 2019
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    We tasked a bunch of the team to find weird and unusual PCIe/PCI cards - here is what they found.

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  • Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips

     7 months ago +765

    Monitor and manage your PC in real-time with Pulseway! Create your free account today at

  • Antho B

    Antho B

     57 minutes ago

    was expecting a Voodoo accelerator card ! resurrected from the dead

  • II Bad Sport II

    II Bad Sport II

     5 hours ago


  • seqo sanwa

    seqo sanwa


    the weirdest thing I saw in aliexpress was a pcie rgb dildo.

  • Seaboo Productions

    Seaboo Productions


    In my PC one of them is a capture card and the other one is a SATA card

  • Aaron Rajadurai

    Aaron Rajadurai

     2 days ago

    Riley is my spirit animal

  • Rickoroty


     2 days ago

    Once my mb ethernate socket just stopped working and I bought a PCI ethernet socket just to have inthernet lol

  • Thomas Caswell

    Thomas Caswell

     3 days ago

    swear alex is the king of buying incompatible hardware

  • Zsolt Raduska

    Zsolt Raduska

     3 days ago

    13:20 1 pc 7 editors?

  • Rishi Kataria

    Rishi Kataria

     3 days ago

    You Guys should do more of these.. just everyone chilling. Also don't forget Anthony next time..

  • carl mullins

    carl mullins

     4 days ago

    What keyboard is that????

  • BeefSticks Wellington

    BeefSticks Wellington

     5 days ago

    Soldering is a thing

  • skunkling


     5 days ago

    Super enjoyed this. Definitely an idea for a series ;)

  • William Hall

    William Hall

     5 days ago

    Back in 2007~ 2008. I put that blue PCI internal fan in my checkout so many damn times before ultimately not getting it. It makes me so happy to see this.... in 2019...

  • Beho lder

    Beho lder

     6 days ago

    That pci slot to pcie Xpress is wats used for mining LOL .Riley's choice

  • Head Chef

    Head Chef

     6 days ago

    "Turn the power supply off!" Oh man, what a nerd!

  • nathan whiteman

    nathan whiteman

     6 days ago

    This was awesome I love when you have life's with your team such a great team you have

  • soneq667


     7 days ago

    Jake being surprised of the GPU-Sandwich made me feel old :(

  • Lj


     7 days ago

    I love how close open computers, mother boards, power supplies and so on right next to a sink

  • T0b3


     7 days ago +12

    "See how many noobs you can pwn!"

    >Plays against bots