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Buying Every Instagram Recommended Ad

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 13, 2018
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  • Ryland Adams

    Ryland Adams

     a years ago +12277

    I know this is a little bit different but I couldn't stop buying ads one day so I decided to make it a video! Regular scheduled programing will return next week :))

  • Crystal Matney

    Crystal Matney

     a years ago +2585

    I love how Gerald is defying science and decided to lay eggs

  • Logan Reese

    Logan Reese

     11 months ago +1424

    He’s so gay it makes me smile

  • ben b

    ben b

     10 months ago +2067

    “it’s like kinda expensive”
    screen shows $725
    yep. just kinda.

  • Maisie Cumberland

    Maisie Cumberland

     6 months ago +636

    2019 and I need a Gerald update

  • ItsNat


     9 months ago +721

    We stan a single bird dad.

  • Makayla Neal

    Makayla Neal

     11 months ago +604

    "I'm gonna go eat more"
    me too shane,me too XD

  • Baby Goth

    Baby Goth

     6 months ago +257

    a bunch of fit half naked men
    Ryland: "I like their Marketing and Advertisement!?"

  • Monika Czajkowska

    Monika Czajkowska

     a years ago +441

    Was this video sponsored by Safiya? 😂

  • MaddieB


     a years ago +197

    You and Safiya should do a video where you do this and see who gets the best 5 items

  • FancyButera


     11 months ago +216

    "this is a pony fetish festival" at 1:46

  • GotyaThingsAndStuff


     a years ago +375

    I just realized that Gerald is a Single parent ,his wife left him all alone with his children That's sad,Anyone else realized?

  • Betti Uhrin

    Betti Uhrin

     11 months ago +152

    have you noticed that everytime Ryland gets new clothes, he smells them?



     a years ago +117

    "every Instagram ad" when he uses Facebook...ummmm ryland..

  • Garrett Brando

    Garrett Brando

     a years ago +8235

    Safiya would approve of this content lol

  • Anđela


     10 months ago +82

    crying in poor.

  • eating is gr8

    eating is gr8

     7 months ago +49

    4:28 Shane is literally me😂😂....
    SHANE: "I'm gonna go eat more"

  • danastu


     10 months ago +55

    You guys are the newest FRIENDS tv show for me. I grew up with that show and you all remind of each character. I’m 39 so, I hope that the youngers appreciate this. They will look back and miss you guys because you feel like their friends, you feel like my new friends. I even have you guys figured out to who reminds me of the old Friends. Lol. I love you guys for these videos. I’m in a dark place and that show did so much for me when I would sit and have no friends. This reminds me of that awesome feeling you get in your gut when you meet someone and you just feel a connection and appreciation and so much inspiration. I needed you all. Stay real. Don’t leave. There are people that actually get you and how much you are putting yourselves out there to make other people happy and not feel that dark place. That’s one of the bravest things anyone can do for someone. You do this for them and to have friends. Thank you. It’s been perfect and Shane, just tell him thank you. I don’t think he truly knows how much he helps. We are all just so silent and scared to say anything because of our own insecurities. We are out here. Avoiding the drama of the stupid comments. But, I’m not scared to tell anyone thank you. And I appreciate all of you for what you do for us. So much.

  • Bunny B

    Bunny B

     a years ago +88

    Your sister is so pretty!

  • rose


     a years ago +1900

    i can't decide if i prefer Morgans commentary or Andrews laugh 😂