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I Paid $430 for $2,580 Worth of MYSTERY TECH! Amazon Returns Pallet Unboxing!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Welcome back to Unloaded Ep. 9! This episode is an insane one, I bought a pallet of Amazon customer tech returns worth over $2,500 & only paid $430...let's see what I got!
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/RMfnL8dCiC0


  • randomfrankp


     4 months ago +1132

    Lmao man, a lot of you are so toxic. Sure, it's not an NVMe SSD it's SO-DIMM RAM. No, I havent seen or used SO-DIMM RAM before because I build PCs, and this is about half of the size of a normal stick of RAM. Just because I have a tech channel doesnt mean I've seen every piece of hardware to exist. Please cry about something else

  • Morphin


     5 hours ago

    I have a white pair of XBOX original Turtle Beach Headphones, they look expensive with 2 audio control boxes and loads of features.

  • Richard Wraith

    Richard Wraith

     5 hours ago

    Hiya Frank, nice video... Where does your desk come from?

  • FatGuyGoesNutzoid


     7 hours ago

    This dude doesn't know what RAM is.

  • SysQuatch


     19 hours ago

    I would keep in mind it is actually a profitable business to buy broken items and replace them with working items through amazon then returning them.

  • djviolett



    You should have checked the serial numbers on the switch and the box that it came in. They might have sent their broken one back

  • The Geekazoid

    The Geekazoid

     2 days ago

    dude put YOUR fuckin mouth on them whistles i wanted to hear them

  • Kenneth McDonald

    Kenneth McDonald

     2 days ago

    I want the electronic heating protection, if is still available?

  • Bervin Ranjith

    Bervin Ranjith

     2 days ago

    Single lighting to multi is to charge and hear music at same time ... probably. ..

  • michaeltechroom


     3 days ago

    it a laptop memory stick frank

  • Faired Rangan

    Faired Rangan

     3 days ago

    you ramble too much and just wasted half an hour of my life I'll never get back

  • Gravityhit


     3 days ago

    Spawn wave could fix that switch easy!

  • Felix Mak

    Felix Mak

     4 days ago

    I want see the dog!Haha

  • Fvck Off

    Fvck Off

     5 days ago

    This purchase and what you do is the reason why America is crumbling. First you have Amazon that so clearly charges enough markup that they have no problem taking returns and just reselling them rather than waste time figuring out what is wrong or reshelving them. It is a total waste of resources for both a company and the world. Then there is you who is only trying to make a buck off of a purchase and reselling rather than having a job that actually contributes to society in a meaningful way. I hope Amazon fails and that you lose money. Unfortunately because of idiots like you Amazon can always find buyers for the junk they sell.

  • Keith Barnwell

    Keith Barnwell

     5 days ago

    it'd be cool if you didn't try to turn a max profit out of the items. make an auction site and give your followers a chance to get discounted items.

  • Aaron Belcher

    Aaron Belcher

     5 days ago

    17:45 That's a RAM stick, not an SSD I immediately was like, "What?!? SSD??? That's why it was fraud!"

  • RollingFireDragon


     5 days ago

    12:30 is a booster seat for a toddler

  • Chris Bittner

    Chris Bittner

     6 days ago +1

    hahahaha This dude is so-dimm witted when it comes to NVME drives. He should RAM some knowledge about laptops in his head.

  • Jaxon Holden

    Jaxon Holden

     6 days ago

    The Switch Joycon could fetch $50, the dock could fetch another $50 with charger. That’s still $100 on Switch accessories.

  • DrPiggins


     6 days ago

    the lightning adapter is so you can charge your phone and use headphones at the same time, also that is a stick of laptop ram with the ssd label