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Panda Cub Reunited with Her Mom! -Taipei Zoo (Eng Sub)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2013
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    Today, our giant panda cub Yuan-Zai will get to meet her mother! Watch to find out how her mom reacts!

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  • Арина Бережнова

    Арина Бережнова


    Все интересное тут

  • K. JoJo

    K. JoJo

     2 days ago


  • quocphu01


     2 days ago

    In china communist, a little baby panda worth more than a thousand little kids.
    , human has no value, commodity is because they can use it for something, millions of Chinese kids are in poverty, dirty poor and lack of foods and love, don't know when is there next meal, can't go to school, sick without medication, do a google search and you know, the communist propaganda trying to hide many bad things and lie to its ppl and the world, pure evil. Btw normal google and face book are not allow in china

  • Lennon Andrade

    Lennon Andrade

     3 days ago

    Mais algum BR por aqui?

  • Tran Hung

    Tran Hung

     3 days ago +1

    2/2/2019 có ai còn koi ?

  • Raul Ramirez

    Raul Ramirez

     3 days ago +1

    Pandas do more then just being pandas! They bring cultures together!

  • Talia Silva

    Talia Silva

     4 days ago

    coisa mais meu Deus

  • Драгица Стојановић

    Драгица Стојановић

     4 days ago


  • Juliana Nunes

    Juliana Nunes

     5 days ago

    Tadinho tinha que colocar i m colchão pra eles ou um cochonete o chão e muito frio ..

  • lou siqueira

    lou siqueira

     5 days ago

    Que lindo.

  • Varshini Rao

    Varshini Rao

     7 days ago +1

    The way they both sleep 😴😍 adorable

  • jennifer monroy

    jennifer monroy

     7 days ago

    she shloud be free..

  • Yulong Deng

    Yulong Deng

     7 days ago


  • Wellington S. R

    Wellington S. R

     7 days ago

    A natureza é incrível, amo os animais 😍😍😍, tudo que DEUS faz é perfeito .



     7 days ago


  • Wanda Leblanc

    Wanda Leblanc

     14 days ago

    I am glad they changed policy and let mother pandas raise their babies. It stresses the mother's to have their child token and the child grows up not knowing how to be a mother

  • Akhilesh Uikay

    Akhilesh Uikay

     14 days ago


  • goletra


     21 days ago

    This video was made by professionals. Do not attempt to pick up your baby by mouth

  • Rid


     21 days ago

    It's a bit sad it looks like a mother in jail 😢

  • Mary Ellis

    Mary Ellis

     21 days ago

    How about a soft nesting area instead of a hard cojd floor?