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SPEAK for YOURSELF | Whitlock REACT to Jay-Z, NFL form entertainment, social justice partnership

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • SPEAK for YOURSELF | Whitlock REACT to Jay-Z, NFL form entertainment, social justice partnership
    #Undisputed #Skip #Shannon #Sports #Pi
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/RfhMhkj4V6c


  • Office Mahor

    Office Mahor

     3 months ago


  • Fredro Wesley

    Fredro Wesley

     3 months ago

    Dam these bro are sick and sad

  • SonofCalifornia


     3 months ago

    Fuck all of you uncle toms!!

  • Tony Brown

    Tony Brown

     3 months ago +5

    So Jay Z partnership with NFL is gonna stop shooting of Unarmed black and brown people. .? Don't have to be on the plantation to figure this out.

  • Dennis Dee Mac Johnson

    Dennis Dee Mac Johnson

     3 months ago

    These three dudes, we’r kidnapped by white supremacists and transplanted their brains from black people to white people...
    GET-OUT.... you calling him a mixed race man.but then you said you’re playing the race card against your own race.. oops... Ironic... Bomboclart Fools....I’m a mix race African man.. I see you.. I know white people better than they know them self... that’s my gift..
    D-Truth 3:16

  • Bryant Wright Sr.

    Bryant Wright Sr.

     3 months ago

    Whit U WACK, your missing the point, It's not about just getting 💰 where is your integrity, U make me want to vomit

  • Ju`not


     3 months ago

    Lavar, open Sideline back up brah

  • Levi Darden

    Levi Darden

     3 months ago

    Watch the whole conference in it's entirety instead of the clips that were shown. Roc Nation posted it on YouTube.

  • Alexander


     3 months ago

    Jay z a billionaire. Kaepernick still getting paid. Me I still didn't get my raise yet and I have a supervisor who's a red bone Uncle Tom nigga. It's time for Me to take a knee.

  • Alexander


     3 months ago

    Whitlock going to need a new jacket again.

  • August Lewis

    August Lewis

     3 months ago

    Master P was a debacle?!?!?!? TF is wrong with these niggas

  • Eric Jones

    Eric Jones

     3 months ago

    Whitlock implies that Kaepernick is incapable of speaking for himself or for his movement. His kneeling to address racial injustice is all the talking he will ever need to do. A deep dive into American history, demonstrates that any black person who spoke truth to power and challenged the economic/political system has ended up in one of three ways, discredited, exiled or dead. Truth be told we need more Kaepernicks than soft Whitlocks any day.

  • Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne

     3 months ago

    I’m with J.

  • K Adams

    K Adams

     3 months ago

    Wiley is full of shit, the dude literally told entertainer to not do Superbowl shows and get in bed with the NFL but he just got in bed with them

  • ColdRain34 Leo

    ColdRain34 Leo

     3 months ago

    Marsellus Wiley date white women but you say you from Compton that makes you what???

  • Anthony Rosenthall

    Anthony Rosenthall

     3 months ago

    These are niggas that's been auction

  • R A

    R A

     3 months ago

    It's funny how some of the blk players in the NFL talk shit about the whole kap thing or have issue with Jay yet still play lol. I can honestly say if I felt uncomfortable at work with anything of moral issue I'd look elsewhere to work. I dont need to make money for any racist sexist asshole lol. Anyone who has issue with it needs to shut up Jay has done alot for the blk community the only color the NFL thinks about is green anyone who thinks otherwise is an idoit

  • Y Hideit

    Y Hideit

     3 months ago +9

    Uncle Toms always want to sit at massa table. !

  • Antonio Dicaprio

    Antonio Dicaprio

     3 months ago

    B-ball is the #1 or boxing football is just ok

  • Prince Blizzard

    Prince Blizzard

     3 months ago

    Trying to use...wow!