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STRANGEST Animals That Are Hard To Believe Are REAL!

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 4, 2018
  • Check out the strangest animals that you won't believe are actually real! This top 10 list of bizarre and mysterious creatures features some of the weirdest animal species ever discovered on earth!

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    14. Leafy Seadragon
    Another creature from ocean that is sure to make waves when you realize it's real, is the Leafy Seadragon. A perfect name for it!
    When you look at it, it looks like a simple piece of seaweed, yet, it's actually alive. The creature was found off the coast of Australia, and is proof that the ocean still holds many secrets.

    13. Angora Rabbits
    What is there to say? This is a rabbit that has so much fur, you honestly can't tell that it's a rabbit. I bet you were expecting something much different when I mentioned "rabbit" in the title, huh?

    12. Pangolin
    There are a lot of weird creatures out in the world, and some of them look like fusions between other animals. One example of this is the Pangolin, a mammal known to roam the lands of Asia and Africa. It's also one of the most trafficked mammals in the world.

    11. Komondor
    Take a look at this breed of dog. Do you think that this breed was made to look like this? You’d think someone spent hours and hours creating dreadlocks in this dogs fur, but nope! This it the Komondor, and that's exactly how it looks without anyone touching it.

    10. Axolotl
    From the weird to the creepy, I present to you the Axolotl. Yes, it really does look like that in real life, that's why it's on this list.

    9. Glass Frogs
    It's incredible the evolutions and adaptations that animals will go through during their lifecycles on this planet. However, you have to question some of them. While the armor of the Pangolin is understandable, this creature’s evolution is a little mysterious. Here we have a frog...that's see-through.

    8. The Dumbo Octopus
    The name isn't referring to these Octopuses being stupid, far from it. They're called this because they have fins near the top of their heads that resemble flappy ears. Just like Dumbo the elephant from the Disney movie.

    7. Saiga Antelope
    From the depths of the ocean to the vastness of Asia, three countries are home to a very curious breed of antelope. It's called the Saiga Antelope, and it’s a pretty strange creature.

    6. Pacu Fish
    Piranha are one of the most dangerous fish in the world, and have sometimes even been considered some of the most dangerous animals in the world. But their cousins, for lack of a better term, are definitely one of the strangest animals in the world. They're called the Pacu fish, and they'll give you nightmares for different reasons.

    5. The Mary River Turtle
    This one not only looks strange, it acts strange. This is the Mary River Turtle. It can be found in Queensland, Australia, and yes, it has green, spiky hair. Why does it have green hair? No idea, but you have to admit it looks kinda cool, right??

    4. Gharial
    Let's talk now about one of the strangest and rarest animals in the world, from a family that you wouldn't expect to see on this list...a crocodile. Specifically the Gharial.

    3. The Sun Bear
    Another type of animal you might not have expected to see on this list is a bear. Yet, there is one bear that most definitely qualifies, the Sun Bear.

    2. Sphynx Cat
    I hate to break it to you but Sphynx cats didn’t originally come from Egypt. These cats are born hairless due to a genetic mutation and started getting bred on purpose in the 1970’s.

    1. Platypus
    Ah, the Platypus, or as some call it "nature's reject". Why? Because this animal literally looks like it was sewn together by a mad scientist. Or as one cartoon depicted, God running out of ideas and just throwing something together. In my opinion, it's extremely cute!

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  • Kingsley Moore

    Kingsley Moore


    My name is Jeff

  • Joshua Moore

    Joshua Moore

     4 days ago

    That turtle looks like a end boss on the Super Mario Bros. Video game.

  • Malthe Juul

    Malthe Juul

     5 days ago

    i would say the glaucus atlanticus is the coolest

  • Nathaniel Muniz

    Nathaniel Muniz

     6 days ago

    The echidna is the second egg laying mamal

  • S.N. Lee

    S.N. Lee

     7 days ago

    " inhales dust", yeah my brother has a bad tendency to get in fights ,and......inhale dust"

  • Fnaf is life

    Fnaf is life

     7 days ago

    Axolotls are so cute!

  • Abdi Piano

    Abdi Piano

     7 days ago

    imagine women breathing through their sex hole. The head ache would alot more than what its now

  • babayag a

    babayag a

     7 days ago

    Perry the platypus

  • Dylan Z lawrence

    Dylan Z lawrence

     7 days ago

    Echidna burrow and come up for food otherwise they kinda stay underground. One guy had one as a pet and had the back yard enclosed but. He didnt consider putting a concrete layer under his back yard like a bowl or box holding the dirt within he never saw it again

  • Carolyn Colebeck

    Carolyn Colebeck

     7 days ago

    The second one Is echidna

  • Void94


     7 days ago +1

    8:24 The Mary River Turtle is Iggy Koopa

  • Pancake Waffle

    Pancake Waffle

     7 days ago +1

    Nag geo: They Eat Nuts

    Katrina ( Sorry if I got you’re name wrong ) : Watch Out Men

    Nice joke

  • mayoo_. mayoo_.

    mayoo_. mayoo_.

     7 days ago

    Axolots are adorable! There yawns are so cute.The fins on the red its the fins to swim.There hand are small.Your rude

  • Matt Leonard

    Matt Leonard

     7 days ago

    the other one is the spiny anteater

  • SMV Bazty

    SMV Bazty

     7 days ago

    Platypus is cuteee

  • Jamie Murphy

    Jamie Murphy

     7 days ago

    the turtle does not have the long "hair" its a type of iguana that lives on the rocks by the sea which is why the algae grows on its body resembling hair

  • Big Ikee

    Big Ikee

     7 days ago +1

    Snakes are the only other mammals to lay eggs right?

  • Vitaly Kaptyug

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  • Sidraan taigruth

    Sidraan taigruth

     7 days ago +4

    Me: oh look an armadillo
    video: a pangolin
    Me: nooo thats an armadillo

  • Divesh Bhakri

    Divesh Bhakri

     7 days ago +1

    Other mamal that lay eggs is ecidna