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Graeme Smith Batting With Broken Hand | South Africa vs Australia | Bravest Man in Cricket World.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 12, 2017
  • Graeme Smith Batting With Broken Hand | South Africa vs Australia | Bravest Man in Cricket World.South Africa own the bravest man in world cricket, but having Graeme Smith was not enough to secure the most dramatic of draws. Even Australians who wear green and gold tattoos tingled when the door to the dressing room opened and Smith walked out at No. 11, looking to survive 8.2 overs with a broken hand, his own blood recently injected into his right elbow, and a desperate Australian attack.Credit: Paragraph from CricinfoCricket Best Moments,Cricket Top Moments,Best ofTest Cricket
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  • Discovery Hindi

     3 months ago

    *Australia Won The Match**And Smith Won the Hearts* 💕

  • Ashish Negi

     17 days ago

    Still lose the match what a loser broken hand 😂😂😂he couldn't jerk off for few months

  • captain AMERICA

     21 days ago

    Back when south Africa was the team to be afraid off 🙄

  • Sayan Chatterjee

     13 days ago


  • Naren Maharaj

     15 days ago

    Yessss true

  • sanjiv bhattacharjee

     3 months ago

    Kumble with a broken jaw against West Indies and Smith against Australia teaches us a lot about life

  • Daddy

     3 days ago

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  • mank man

     3 days ago

    @god dammn  just to clear one fact. The resources you using now are once stolen from india and many other countries, which makes you a thief. So better stfu and be guilt

  • jimmy wrangles

     1 months ago

    One of the very few times in cricket I've wanted my team to lose. Well played Graeme Smith. Respect from Australia.

  • the dude dude

     18 days ago

    @Templar im not an Aussie but am still curious. Which shithole do you come from?

  • Mr DUDE

     18 days ago

    India is cheater lier full of stupid people

  • Hammad Arif

     3 months ago

    His hand was broken but he is not a broken man .🤺🙋🙋🙋

  • Sanjay Chaudhary

     3 months ago

    These moments you can't experience in T20 arena that's why test format is still the best format! By the way any set batsman would have been get out on that swinging ripper

  • Karthik

     15 days ago

    You know what.... When we cut onions our eyes form tear drops...These kind of tears are not formed while cutting spring onions.. Therefore onions are the best vegetables

  • abhraneel ghosh

     3 months ago

    His hand was broken onlyHe was there, right thereThat's why I support south Africa in cricket

  • Rakesh Venkat

     3 months ago

    Who are all watching this in 2019....and crying when M boucher reacts 😢

  • g v

     20 days ago

    me as well

  • Dinesh Samanta

     2 months ago


  • izhar shaikh

     1 years ago

    Respect Smith he played his country respect from India 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Selva Kumar

     20 days ago

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  • Kesavapatnam Swathi

     20 days ago

    @Game Side 00 jb vo bol raha he 'from india' fir q puch raha he thik se dikhtha nahi kya

  • Darsh Jain

     19 days ago

    Shane Watson with bleeding Leg # IPL 2019 Final