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how to make your basic clothes look cute

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 22, 2018
  • how to make your basic clothes look cute☞ MERCH - (tag me in your photos so I can see how you wear MARS!)help me translate this video so everyone can watch it! -✭ INSTAGRAM ✭✭ VLOG CHANNEL ✭ I'm doing vlogmas this year so get ready!!✭ MY FAMILY VLOG CHANNEL ✭✰ snapchat - marlacatherine✰ tumblr -✰ spotify - marlacatherine (✰ twitter -✭ P.O. BOX ✭Marla CatherineP.O. Box 50774Provo, Utah 84605✧ FAQ ✧ + how old are you? 15+ how tall are you? 5' 6"+ what do you use to edit videos? My sister films + edits the videos, she uses Final Cut Pro! ✭ if you are a company interested in working with me / want me to review your product, email video is not sponsored
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  • florvue


     5 months ago +3792

    poor is my type of aesthetic

  • I give 0 fucks

    I give 0 fucks

     6 months ago +4325

    How can i make my face look cute, Lmao

  • cherryblossoms x

    cherryblossoms x

     7 months ago +4582

    tbh everyone has GOOD style its just that were broke mmHmm

  • Ella Cordon

    Ella Cordon

     4 months ago +1293

    2:39 when the old and new prison outfits combine.

  • Elisabeth Schlappi

    Elisabeth Schlappi

     5 months ago +2032

    I have like two shirts and a sock
    Edit:Holy crap 800 likes🥵🥵

  • 1,000 with no Video?

    1,000 with no Video?

     7 months ago +4002

    Pick up a shirt
    Smell it
    Smells good
    Wear that and your good to go 👍

  • Merry Booker

    Merry Booker

     3 months ago +1068

    When that "lump" is ur stomach😅😅😅

  • Nikachii


     7 months ago +1106

    Step one to having a cute outfit:
    A good, slim body.
    (Unlike mine)

  • Gunnarsen Kingz

    Gunnarsen Kingz

     2 months ago +295

    I love this aesthetic style but I always end up wearing a basic black t-shirt with some basic af jeans-_-
    Holy shit thanks for the likes, I guess we are the basic fam lol😀

  • クッキーcookie


     2 months ago +360

    me"*wears this to school*
    mom"*what are you wearing?*
    mom"*what do you call this!*
    mom"* kids these days*
    edit: thx for the likes
    but srsly its true. i cant even wear a short skirt with t-shirt so i have to wear an all pink girl baby-ish 0% esthetic outfit. 😢

  • farah tentacles

    farah tentacles

     7 months ago +478

    alternative title : how to be a real life niche meme

  • hana


     2 months ago +128

    step one: be pretty.
    i don’t have prettiness but eh, next.
    step two: have MF MONEY
    i’m broke? but i can ask mom.
    step three: be perfect.
    i’m a skeleton-

  • Delaney Gonsales

    Delaney Gonsales

     4 months ago +175

    Am I the only one that is like oh my gosh I love this
    Set it out for the next day. Wake up and wears something completely different

  • Bea Gabel

    Bea Gabel

     6 months ago +372

    Billie eilish's long lost cousin😂

  • Cactus


     5 months ago +161

    All my clothes look straight out of the justice

  • Elisabeth idek

    Elisabeth idek

     4 months ago +87

    I wish I had those clothes :( I don't really like any of mine

  • _sexylalifoxy_


     4 months ago +55

    Here in my country, wearing double layered clothes makes you look like a fisherman or a farmer 😂😂

  • dorknyong


     7 months ago +172

    to make basic clothing looks cute, look good.

  • Violet


     3 months ago +40

    teacher: introduce yourself
    me: 0:04

  • BRWEEE Brewer

    BRWEEE Brewer

     2 months ago +25

    You literally just showed us how to look even more basic.