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I turn Car Compressor into Working Engine

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 25, 2019
  • Let's Learn Something: Project no.22
    Good day guys :)
    I know you are wondering that why i turn this Car compressor into engine is because I want to explore my knowledge into something different that i never tried before.

    (Product used in this video)

    Digital Caliper 0-200mm 0.01mm http://bit.ly/2Bi84FA
    0-200mm Measure Scale Ruler http://bit.ly/2MiTrIb
    Grinding Head Bit Tool Set https://ban.ggood.vip/gbx8
    Drillpro DIY Belt Sander https://ban.ggood.vip/smsV

    Download APP https://ban.ggood.vip/h6dz
    Download the Banggood App to get $10 off
    Banggood supports COD

    Product that commonly used to my project

    Drillpro 0-200mm Digital Meter Angle Inclinometer http://bit.ly/2MhGApO
    Drill Bit Set https://ban.ggood.vip/gbx6
    Sanding Belts https://ban.ggood.vip/smsT
    Transformer Adapter https://ban.ggood.vip/smsP
    Motor https://ban.ggood.vip/smsR

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/SxqyfB83tSo


  • Garry Jackson

    Garry Jackson

     36 minutes ago

    wowsers...i have three Questions...firstly that vid is excellent....1)how long did the cly heads last before cracking...2)an how much HP would it generate plz ...3) what ratio of oil an fuel?...(im guessing it was two stroke based).....im basically looking for a small "radial /horizontal shaft inboard engine to use in my 13 foot sailboat....

  • Mike santos

    Mike santos

     an hour ago

    Y doesn't he just build a wobot... I mean a Robot.

  • Klaus Von Schmit

    Klaus Von Schmit

     2 hours ago

    Now we know where Mr. Wizard has been for the last 20+ years!!
    What an awesome idea to repurposing an old AC pump from the scrap pile into something to keep the mind on point!! Potentially this video will interest some of the youth that isn’t into sports, or video games but has an artistic sense, maybe mechanically incline, maybe an inventor at heart watches and realized what it is they want to do in life sparking an idea that continues to revolutionize our planet!!
    You Sir created some meaningful content! Awesome job!

  • steven sreejith

    steven sreejith

     2 hours ago

    have u thought of a ecu for this engine u created

  • steven sreejith

    steven sreejith

     2 hours ago

    you are dam brilliant!!!

  • steven sreejith

    steven sreejith

     2 hours ago

    This is really ultimate way of thinking, you are the most valuable asset to any country if they think of engineering revolution, far and large i really feel mesmerized to see the flow or logic of engine you had in ur mind been deployed using alternator . Marvelous bro keep up the good work trust me i couldn’t stop watching ur videos multiple times.

  • 420 edu

    420 edu

     2 hours ago

    Now imagine if this genius had a real work shop with the availability of tools , supplies, what he could do, I thought I was a smart fellow, this guy is pure genius

  • Neil Figueredo

    Neil Figueredo

     3 hours ago

    Incredible... MIT Looking for you !!!

  • W Dabbs

    W Dabbs

     4 hours ago

    your a rocket scientist greatest thing ive ever seen in a shop

  • Dac Dental art

    Dac Dental art

     5 hours ago +1

    This is a true Professor, have you ever test with a dyno?

  • Keith Whisman

    Keith Whisman

     6 hours ago

    You’d make every shop teacher in the US cringe. Haha. Awesome work!

  • Keith Whisman

    Keith Whisman

     7 hours ago

    Wow I always thought there was just one piston in an AC compressor.

  • Unmannedair


     7 hours ago

    Rather ingenious. I always knew how they worked, but never thought about turning one into an engine... damn. Now I've got to try it. I blame you.

  • crunchbucket3 derham

    crunchbucket3 derham

     8 hours ago

    i.m hooked

  • Jeremy Miller

    Jeremy Miller

     8 hours ago

    Very cool build. I love the fact you can see in it. Be careful using a abrasive grinding wheel on aluminum. They will load up and build up heat and then they explode. Belt grinders are okay but grinding wheels are a bad idea. Love the build I watched the whole awesome build

  • ken san

    ken san

     9 hours ago

    What is the flywheel made from ? Any one think this is powerful anuf to run a bicycle ?

  • Martha White

    Martha White

     9 hours ago

    Now you are ready to build the Flux Capacitor for the time machine 😅

  • Elchapo Suniloan

    Elchapo Suniloan

     9 hours ago

    What a waste of time dumbest sh¿t ive ever seen crazy glue to hold on the so called carb maybe this guy needs to put more time into something that will benefit something usefulls

  • ramenbo


     10 hours ago

    a rotary piston engine nice!

  • Aaron Ward

    Aaron Ward

     11 hours ago

    Awesome job. Dont listen to the hate comments. The ones who cant appreciate this video are probably just saying negative comments to make themselves "feel" relevant. Good job brother👍