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Asmongold Reacts To Ninja Potentially SUING Twitch Over HUGE Screw Up

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Ninja calls out Twitch over a HUGE screw up they did on his Twitch channel after he moved to the Mixer platform, his stream was rebroadcasting other top channels under the Fortnite section on Twitch... Will Ninja sue Twitch over all this drama and will this have any repercussion for the platform?...Asmongold's Twitch:'s Twitter:
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  • Daily Dose of Asmongold

    Daily Dose of Asmongold

     5 days ago +64

    Moments after the tweet Twitch actually reversed the change to Ninja's Twitch channel and even added a link to his Mixer channel,

  • Kühn Andreas

    Kühn Andreas

     5 days ago +492

    Say what you want about Ninja. I don't watch him or really care about him, but what twitch did was wrong. Shows once again that most of their employees are unprofessional teenagers who are unable to tolerate the decission Ninja made for himself. They feel like he betrayed them or something like that. Well I got news: He owes you nothing twitch.

  • Call Numb

    Call Numb

     5 days ago +475

    Can't wait until everyone leaves twitch except the e-Thtots

  • Jokeasterfe


     5 days ago +102

    Twitch needs to die

  • Arntor 1184

    Arntor 1184

     5 days ago +172

    Of course it had to be hetero porn, otherwise the mods would have seen it instantly.

  • Jpeg2000


     5 days ago +146

    I´ calling it right now...Twitch will be an actual cam girl site in at least 2 years.

  • Fishheadmandible


     yesterday +1

    It wasn't a screw up. I never knew about the guy before he switched but I went to his Twitch page and saw it myself. Just very unprofessional. I hope he sues and puts them out of business.

  • Shawn Lymburner

    Shawn Lymburner

     5 days ago +157

    Yeah sure, people that complain about Alinity are incels, OF COURSE! 😂

  • Goim


     5 days ago +108

    Besides the Alinity part, I agree. I just want them to enforce their rules. Cat or no Cat.

  • john


     yesterday +1

    He should sue them. Huge disrespect by twitch

  • XSr-_-BNNDZX


     4 days ago +2

    Twitch: hey gamer boyz you want to bust a nut here are the most popular fortnite channels live right now

  • Low Key

    Low Key

     5 days ago +76

    This IS the year for Twitch.
    To crumble.

  • Stephen Bishop

    Stephen Bishop

     5 days ago +50

    Now streaming 2 Ninjas 1 cup lol

  • Harlee_G


     23 hours ago

    Won't happen, it was happening to other channels and categories as well, Ninja just likes to make everything about him. Truth is Twitch is doing just fine without him.

  • nash0089


     4 days ago +3

    I was there! I think Ninja has a good point here too. He wants to be family friendly, for twitch to do that to his channel is fucked up. He should sue if they don't take it down.

  • The Finn

    The Finn

     23 hours ago

    People don't like animal abuse. It has nothing to do with who threw the cat.

  • jerthon1



    This was no mistake this was calculated sabotage of his brand.

  • Ricardo Shepard

    Ricardo Shepard

     5 days ago +26

    Remember when Twitch used other people's channels to promote the New year's eve Live stream event with Ninja? I do....

  • Babylon Rocker

    Babylon Rocker

     3 days ago +12

    After years theres finally some quality content on Ninjas channel, what is he upset about?

  • Phyankord


     19 hours ago

    LMFAO asmon be preachin xD