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Asmongold Reacts To Ninja Potentially SUING Twitch Over HUGE Screw Up

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Ninja calls out Twitch over a HUGE screw up they did on his Twitch channel after he moved to the Mixer platform, his stream was rebroadcasting other top channels under the Fortnite section on Twitch... Will Ninja sue Twitch over all this drama and will this have any repercussion for the platform?...

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  • Daily Dose of Asmongold

    Daily Dose of Asmongold

     4 months ago +77

    Moments after the tweet Twitch actually reversed the change to Ninja's Twitch channel and even added a link to his Mixer channel,

  • Alkamatus


     a months ago

    The fact is this is super fucked up but the reality is he lost all ownership over his channel they can do whatever they please without him being able to pursue legal action

  • G P

    G P

     2 months ago

    What a drama. It's like putting back a VHS tape on the wrong shelf in a rental store. Big deal...

  • Milantique Studios

    Milantique Studios

     2 months ago

    Hey man, little Billy gotta learn lol

    But honestly, it’s not Twitch that would ruin Ninja but all the people reporting on it. If no one reacted to this then I’m sure it would blow over like it never happened

  • TomberryDeadly


     3 months ago

    Yep. Twitch getting sued lol

  • Blaze


     3 months ago

    I aready hate the kid

  • Blaze


     3 months ago

    Asmongold since you mentioned the bible lemme ask you how many times you think That bible has been overwritten ?

  • john smith

    john smith

     3 months ago

    ninja mad because the shit hit the fence on mix,nobody gives a fuck about him there!!

  • Brunt Dacera

    Brunt Dacera

     3 months ago

    No one :


  • IDontGiveA5hit


     3 months ago

    Let's not forgot twitch is owned by amazon

  • joeylondonxo


     3 months ago

    Twitch is Chaturbate for ‘gamers’

  • Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester

     3 months ago

    tin foil hat..they were deliberately trying to sabotage ninja

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius

     3 months ago

    Poor Billy. :(

  • Cytone lmao

    Cytone lmao

     3 months ago

    Mom, mommy whats a Geci Bes?

  • The Department of FishandGaming

    The Department of FishandGaming

     3 months ago

    Hate this crying bitch

  • hellzxking


     3 months ago

    Twitch may not die, but if/when streamers get to the point of branching out beyond just their streams, Twitch will become bad business. Once they partner with real companies, they won't want any of this bullshit associated with them or their brand, and now there's a new platform that's not yet been viewed negatively and hasn't fucked up. Twitch will crumble and die as far as big opportunity, you'll just have small streamers left, but never another ninja, anyone who gets near that level or wants to is inevitably going to leave twitch.

  • Phyankord


     3 months ago

    LMFAO asmon be preachin xD

  • The Finn

    The Finn

     3 months ago

    People don't like animal abuse. It has nothing to do with who threw the cat.

  • Mr.Warden


     3 months ago

    Won't happen, it was happening to other channels and categories as well, Ninja just likes to make everything about him. Truth is Twitch is doing just fine without him.

  • toomani bandz

    toomani bandz

     3 months ago +1

    trump is a fag btw