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Top Women's Gymnastics Floor Routines of 2019 | Katelyn Ohashi Perfect 10 Routine!!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • Women's Top Tumbling, dancing and Floor Routines of 2019!
    See Margzetta Frazier's perfect 10 performance.

    Gracie Kramer (UCLA) 2019 Floor vs Nebraska 9.95
    Margzetta Frazier (Anaheim) 10 Floor!!
    Kyla Ross (UCLA) 2019 Floor vs Nebraska 9.95
    Simone Biles Floor 2018 U.S. Gymnastics
    MyKayla Skinner (Utah) 2019 Floor vs PSU 9.95
    Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) Floor 10/10!!!
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  • Jason Titley

    Jason Titley

     2 hours ago

    A gym ledgend every way.



     5 hours ago

    Amazing Katelyn Ohashi

  • Crislan Villa

    Crislan Villa

     7 hours ago


  • Eda Carido

    Eda Carido

     8 hours ago

    Japanese sia. 😍😍 Mao diay wla ga tiko iyang lawas every tumbling. Amazing. 💕💃

  • Rage jun

    Rage jun

     9 hours ago

    i know why she won.... She's having fun and love what she's doing..

  • Bruno Perez

    Bruno Perez

     16 hours ago

    Qué me gusto para nada

  • Asia Brown

    Asia Brown

     23 hours ago

    Katelyn ohashi is literally amazing

  • Noel Domingo

    Noel Domingo



  • Emily Jeffords

    Emily Jeffords

     2 days ago

    You don't get a perfect score if you step out of bounds.

  • FVM vlog

    FVM vlog

     2 days ago

    Woow amazing talent
    Very strong girl & she's beutyfull

  • AndiCat


     2 days ago +1

    I'm a simple man, i see THICC... i click

  • nalle karhu

    nalle karhu

     2 days ago

    She gets body shamed, I don't know why, she's got the perfect strong shape and low center of gravity for gymnastic, my two new heroes, Alex honnold and this lady 🎉

  • AmazonianPrincess #God'sGem

    AmazonianPrincess #God'sGem

     4 days ago

    That girl that got #1was the best hands down

  • Gabriella Rosa

    Gabriella Rosa

     4 days ago

    The routine of Simone is from 2018 🙄🙄🙄

  • PapiChuloIsHere


     4 days ago


  • Erin Bectemir

    Erin Bectemir

     4 days ago

    1. Nadia Comăneci 10!

  • Airwreka


     5 days ago

    Dance wise, everyone but Simone killed it. Skill wise, nobody but Simone killed it. It’s impressive how clean she makes all of her moves, even compared to the other amazing gymnasts out there

  • Siopao Siomai

    Siopao Siomai

     6 days ago


  • Catherine Mae

    Catherine Mae

     6 days ago

    You have the names wrong. The first one isn’t Kyla Ross

  • Akeelah Liveh

    Akeelah Liveh

     6 days ago +1

    Play from 08:22-08:28 on 0.25 speed no sound ;) Impressive stuff!