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Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 17, 2018
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    I mean, was it that bad?

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  • gsweater


     6 hours ago

    From a dude that has no understanding of how an OS works, sorry bro. This is territory you shouldn't mess with. Not that you're wrong, but because you have no clue what you just said and you sound stupid.

  • Aaaalteer


     11 hours ago

    I loved it.

  • Dylan Morgan

    Dylan Morgan

     14 hours ago +1

    2019 rewatch: I loved Vista because I had a solid GPU that didn’t crash & a good system. It played games great and was really fun to look at. I’ll fight any XP fanboys.

  • the cat that got away

    the cat that got away

     16 hours ago

    never knew people hated Vista, in highschool in the mid 2010's half the PCs still ran Vista and the other half was a mix of XP and win 7, they never got updated they just replaced them as they broke i assume, a few still had a hole where the floppy disk drive went and for some reason they pulled them out one year. needless to say i didnt go to the most well funded school

  • ancalyme


     21 hours ago

    Windows 8 was also awful.

  • James Smith

    James Smith


    Yes, yes it was. There, didn't even have to watch the video.

  • no name

    no name


    hey i liked vista. Used it for years. I remember people running xp when i was using vista

  • Wolf Gaming

    Wolf Gaming

     yesterday +1

    Legend says 'THE MONITOR' still shakes

  • Ananthu Shine

    Ananthu Shine


    I remember when i got a laptop with windows vista, it was pretty fast when i got it. But in a few months time, it turned horribly slow.

  • foundn0


     2 days ago +4

    2019 and I still have a pc running Vista

    Fight me

  • ZB classic vehicles

    ZB classic vehicles

     2 days ago

    I remember my dad actually buying a computer and day one putting an older windows on it just because he didn’t like how vista looked.

  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

     2 days ago

    Fuck I feel old

  • Angry Old Canadian

    Angry Old Canadian

     2 days ago

    I purchased a system with vista... a gaming system... and it still ran like crap. I disabled everything I could and it still ran like crap. I dual booted with linux and ran the wine emulator. I could emulate windows programs in linux and have them run around 30% faster. Drivers were complete crap. Even years later with updated service packs... it ran like crap.

    People paid me to re-install XP on their systems. Vista is the worst windows OS I have ever seen and I have been running windows since Win 3.0. I know several people who purchased macs for the first time during this era because of their Vista experiences

  • Steven Moeller

    Steven Moeller

     2 days ago

    Windows XP Professional had to be formatted and reinstalled seven times and had very few crash issues. I only had to format and reinstall Vista Ultimate twice and it never had crash issues. Windows 7 Professional wound up being reinstalled three times and had a lot crash issues. Windows 10 Professional has been reinstalled just once so far, and has had very few crashes.

  • Johnny


     2 days ago

    I went from windows XP to Linux and stuck with it for 10 years. I'm a sw dev. It was very valuable to use Linux on a daily basis, but now I'm just tired of stuff breaking with every upgrade and Linux not working well with old hardware or of the box (I have a 5 year old laptop) which is one of those features people praise.
    My last laptop I didn't even bother to install Linux and now I'm just using windows 10,with cygwin or a Linux VM. Works well enough because windows works and does not get in the way.
    I'm glad I skipped the vista and win7 nonsense. Hardware is getting faster but software is getting slower.

    BTW, I used a Mac desktop for two years in 2012-2015. It was painful.

  • Electra Giordano

    Electra Giordano

     2 days ago

    Every lover i know hated Windows Vista!

  • HarlekinEO


     2 days ago

    I bought a vista notebook, just 5 before Win7 came out and it was just great.

  • Tessa Fultz

    Tessa Fultz

     2 days ago

    these people don't understand, i'm still going to use windows vista and windows 7.

  • Grant Logan

    Grant Logan

     2 days ago

    I have so many of those shitty sit-stand desks lmao

  • quatricise


     2 days ago

    To be fair my parents still own a relatively cheap 2007 laptop with Vista on it, and, despite how much I hate the system, it runs quite smoothly, given you aren't running more than 2 programs simultaneously, sometimes it runs even better than my 2017 gaming laptop. Got to give them some credit for that..