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World's SMALLEST Cell Phone - Durability Tested!!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • This is the Smallest cell phone in existence. A tiny phone that can make phone calls AND send text messages, while still being smaller than a human thumb? Lets see how durable it is. Zanco makes this itty bitty Tiny T1 phone and its probably one of the coolest things ive ever seen.

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  • omg sameee

    omg sameee

     2 hours ago

    Who else got the jerry rig advert

  • SuOSoft LP

    SuOSoft LP

     19 hours ago

    the smalest phones are Andoid based Mini Watches

  • Summboddi


     20 hours ago

    “It probably doesn’t taste very good” How do you know that’s true?

  • David Hammett

    David Hammett

     22 hours ago

    Now that's what I call a burner

  • Robin Panis

    Robin Panis

     yesterday +1

    OK boomer

  • BloodFreak



    Like,, I've seen you destroy tech that I'll probably never be able to afford, without much emotion -- but watching this teeny tiny phone get scratched & hacked at, really hurt my teeny tiny soul

  • Malm alf

    Malm alf


    I want one now please

  • Betty-Alexandria Pride

    Betty-Alexandria Pride

     yesterday +1

    Zack: "Any name that starts with Z is a good name."

    Translates to: MY NAME'S NOT JERRY!!!

  • copper589


     2 days ago

    Anyone else scrolling through the comments looking for Zoolander jokes?

  • random chicken

    random chicken

     2 days ago

    the real question is it usable I know that my fatass thumbs couldn't dial my moms number to pick me up from school because I shit myself nah I want a normal phone

  • Ninjo 3000

    Ninjo 3000

     3 days ago

    I think we will need a stylus for this phone......

  • ZdreamerZ 14

    ZdreamerZ 14

     3 days ago

    My burner phone most definitely. Jk isn't this phone in one of the taken films

  • Leilanix


     4 days ago

    I want it

  • Marin Mrnja 2

    Marin Mrnja 2

     4 days ago

    oke boomer

  • Yasar Mutlu

    Yasar Mutlu

     4 days ago


  • Dead Shadow143

    Dead Shadow143

     4 days ago

    Zamsung and Zuawei are Good!

  • Marius Duna

    Marius Duna

     4 days ago


  • KoKo Yvonne

    KoKo Yvonne

     4 days ago

    I would have lost that thing.

  • Akita von bone

    Akita von bone

     4 days ago

    Me :Mom can I have a phone?
    Mom :* hands worlds smallest phone * ENJOY !
    Me: seriously....
    Mom: better then no phone right?
    Me: sigh

  • Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer

     5 days ago

    6:09, nice