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Yogi and Boo-Boo took refuge in a schoolyard and evaded rescue for weeks until...

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • Please join our team with a small donation... $1, $5, $10... it doesn't matter - it all adds up and it helps us save these animals: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

    We would LOVE to keep this pair together, so please SHARE their rescue video, and if you would like to adopt them or know someone who might be interested in adopting them, please contact our friends at Pal Rescue: http://www.palrescue.org

    Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo Bear have been living on the streets for a while, and a whole neighborhood tried to save them, but had no luck... these two little dogs were so scared of people and they would just run away.

    When we got the call on the Hope For Paws line, we rushed to the location, but on that first day we couldn't even find them. It was over 100 degrees outside, so we just created a secure enclosure. The janitor was so kind and offered to keep an eye on them, and he promised that as soon as they go into the enclosure, he will seal the dogs in.

    It took 28 hours for the dogs to follow our trail of food, and the Janitor got them for us. Loreta and I rushed back to the location, but discovered that the gates were already closed, and so we had to improvise :-)

    After skipping that tall fence, we got to work. Like gladiators, we entered the ring, and Loreta threw the net on Yogi who was the leader of this little pack. Boo-Boo got really nervous, he came to check on his best friend, he barked at us, but there was nothing he could have done.

    Loreta and I quickly secured Yogi, and then it was time to get Boo-Boo. He tried to escape, but Loreta was faster. The threw the net, but tripped and fell hard on her knee...

    Working together we secured this little guy and he joined his friend. My car was full with so much equipment and fencing that we had to use a small cage for them, but we knew it was a small price to pay for 20 minutes - especially considering the amazing lives they will have ahead.

    We need YOUR help with finding them a loving forever home.

    Please share :-)



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  • Source: https://youtu.be/TT4PYUxmTxQ


  • Ben Schaeffer

    Ben Schaeffer

     5 days ago

    What cutie patooties, look at those lil faces! 😘❤️

  • Orchestra Brothers

    Orchestra Brothers

     7 days ago +1

    All about trust 🤔

  • Jim Aaron

    Jim Aaron

     7 days ago

    Prayers sent to these dogs

  • Dave Rowley

    Dave Rowley

     7 days ago

    Loreta ROCKS!

  • chivas love

    chivas love

     14 days ago

    I'm in love with Loreta. As always..😊😊

  • h y

    h y

     14 days ago


  • Tâm Lê

    Tâm Lê

     14 days ago


  • Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes

     14 days ago

    Question: Is Loreta married or seeing somebody? Cause she is my perfect women, I would like to rescue dogs with her for the rest of our lives. I have 2 rescue dogs, one I actually rescue from a highway and 2 cats.

  • Staša 13

    Staša 13

     14 days ago

    How someone cam dislike this video??

  • Deby Purwitasari

    Deby Purwitasari

     a months ago

    Mm Sini dk 2965 th nhgu imimohunua ni mdu,nm panmi husmyi tahun 16 tiunua munuan , lol . Hmom momomom 851 munya .,. Dk 99

  • Garewolf


     a months ago

    I am so grateful for the work you folks do!
    These two silly clowns are so cute!

  • Сергей Добрынин

    Сергей Добрынин

     a months ago


  • bradleylinemihler


     a months ago

    cuteness is off the charts

  • Gallieon


     a months ago

    Did these get adopted?

  • neriorus


     a months ago

    I love Loretta

  • KeithH02


     a months ago

    if I rang Hope for Paws, would Loreta come and cuddle me for a while ? That would be well worth a donation ! Shes beautiful

  • Patricia Martinez

    Patricia Martinez

     a months ago

    Love your videos. Giving them a second chance for love

  • SamBlue


     a months ago

    Loretta 👍🏻

  • Peggy Kearney

    Peggy Kearney

     a months ago

    Do you or Loretta or other folks ever get fleas? Or can car get infested? My rescue had a flea infestation in the tip of his tail when he was surrendered to the shelter. They had him for a year. He was in the hospital for a month before he was returned to shelter. We were fortunate it was cured by the time we stepped into his cage and he gave us that “ please take me home “ look. I must have had sucker on my forehead. He whacks his tail on everything like goofy. At first it kept bleeding. And had no hair on the end of his tail. Now it’s healed. We have him 4 years as of oct 1. We love him. He’s spoiled. We’ve never had a dog before. We went by Petsmart and came home lighter in the wallet but happy in heart and ever since. The whole neighborhood loves him. As well as the family. He likes to lick our granddaughter feet. She’s one. Pretty good for a pit bull huh.

  • mark baggerman

    mark baggerman

     a months ago

    nice dive on the second dog